HELLO! And welcome onboard!

This website is the link between Humans here on planet Earth and Star Family Extra-terrestrial Nations out there in space and on other planets.

You can learn our easy 5 step instructions to connect with friendly Extra-terrestrials – some of which could be your very own Star Family. This ancient knowledge and information comes directly from our Star Family & The Unified Quantum Source Field.

At Star Teachings Protocol we encourage self-development in order to raise your vibrational frequency signature. Here you will find a process that will assist your ascension pathways, expand your consciousness and help to increase and maintain your homeostasis and well-being. Please visit the Ascension Training page for more information.

As a result of these unique protocols, you can now connect with your Extra-terrestrial Star Family directly from your location anywhere on planet Earth.
If you would like to become an “experiencer” and see various E.T. Craft with your own three eyes and communicate with benevolent beings, so you can know for yourself that life exists out there and that we are not alone in the universe, then the Connection Protocol can assist you to do that.
More details about Star Family can be found here.

We also have a Portal of Joy available for group events. Information can be found here.

Connection Protocol

Star Teachings Protocol

The world’s first general public to extra-terrestrial contact protocol. A set of repeatable instructions for connecting to Star Family and Source. This unlocks dormant DNA through Light Codes, increases your internal processing capabilities and improves your general well-being

Halls of Star Knowledge

Within the Halls of Star Knowledge you will find a whole area dedicated to those who wish to learn, and expand their knowledge. This is a Hall of Records, a Library and a Repository of Ancient knowledge, data and Wisdom. It’s the latest information about the New Earth and higher Holistic frequencies, and advanced technologies. Ready for you to to access.

Portal of Joy

A Higher Frequency Portal for generating 5D+ space, suitable for events and venues. The Portal increases your joy & happiness vibration and can transport you to different realms, locations, dimensions, time and space.

“The Portal of Joy” first appeared on a lay line at Knowlton’s Ancient Earthworks on the Summer Solstice of 2023 to a great reception and was a huge success with many people full of 5D + joy.

We will be holding more Portal of Joy events throughout the year, with the Portal magically appearing  at many different locations.


Matt Bell is available for One to one Consultations
£70 p/h


  • Connecting you to Your Star Family
  • Ascension Training
  • Psychic Consultation

Matt is also available for:

  • Group Events
  • Individual Consultations

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“Prepare to have your world rocked!” 

Chareva Naughton

“I’m so grateful for this group and the protocol. Yes I’ve done the protocol and they move around when I connect, when I go out at night I see all kinds of things, flashes, swimmers, green or blue streaks.”


I just finished the STARSEED guidebook that’s masterpiece 👌💗
You got talent to transform huge knowledge into that beautiful, clear and crisps info
I just have a feeling … reading that guidebook… that I am a kid reading a package of breakfast cereals, from my favorite sci-fi comic book… just that pure joy and simplicity, so much need in this time, 😍 thank you


“Your confirmation of them being star family created the biggest childlike buzz of awe and wonder – I’m so grateful they came and I’m grateful to the protocol 🙏🙏🙏 thank you Matt! Sending love 💫💫💫”


“Hello lovely people. I’ve been communing with the stars for about a month. Lots of starbursts and smiling. Just wonderful.
The star that I’ve been focusing on for the last month 2 nights ago just lifted up and moved across the sky and out into the distance getting smaller and smaller and gone.
Last night, a pair of moving stars in sync moving. I guess I’m in! Mind blown, totally overwhelmed with excitement and relief that I’m on the right path. Another piece of the puzzle resolved thanks to this channel. 🙏❤️😇

Amber Wykes

Hello Matt, did AJ’s course and joined your channel last January, though must admit I’ve been a tad slow off the mark with following up the Star Protocol properly and consistently. Do remember being quite excited this time last year and believe I did see some blinking bright stars on several occasions. Then events came along and put me off course for a number of reasons. Also been dealing with long term stress due to events which happened more than 12 years ago, which has caused severe damage to both my partner and I. Our experience didn’t make sense for some time, but it so does now, as it’s a small piece of a very large puzzle and part of the war on humanity. Today I spent time looking through your website, which was very informative. Thank you for putting together a beautiful Ascension Training slideshow. One of the best captures and explanations in visual format without being ‘airy-fairy’! Lovely explanations which make complex subjects understandable in lay terms. Believe many of us are going through some dark confusing times now, simultaneously with feeling that a brighter future awaits us at the end of this tunnel. Too easy to get absorbed in what is going on out there is our upside down world, so am making a concerted effort to cut down on the shite and concentrate on more important things like this channel to help propel us all forward. Thanks again for all your efforts and making a beautiful website. Clara x 🧡