How did all this start?
From the age of seven I started to have various odd experiences which couldn’t be explained normally. As I grew-up, I started to interact with various E.T. beings and learned about ancient knowledge and the way to communicate with Star Family.

Extra-terrestrials, who we call “Star Family”, do walk amongst us. In fact we all have Extra-terrestrial genetic ancestry. So once you factor that in, that other intelligent life exists out there, it makes a lot more sense as to why things are the way they are.

The Earth is run by the United Federation of Planets from Antarctica and from a ship stationed behind the moon. These beings are manipulating humanity for their own gain, which goes against their own rules about the Prime Directive, and various Star Family have interfered with humanities development from the start.
(The Prime Directive is a set of rules which are, not to interfere with or manipulate a developing species.)

Now that we know that benevolent Star Family are here in orbit around the Earth, they are providing humanity with a more detailed record of our Earth and Human history, and are helping to present the truthful data to assist the populations to come out of the mental slavery illusions, and break free from the psychological and frequency manipulation currently in operation.

The time has come where we grow up as a species, so our consciousness levels elevate us out of the control of other species that hide in the shadows. The time of being controlled and manipulated is over. We need to break the cycle of endless corrupt dictators, wars, and revolutions, and bring ourselves and the planet back into peace, prosperity and abundance.

The formula for achieving individual Ascension to this abundance timeline, as well as world peace and inner peace, is known. The formula is to work on oneself.

By working on yourself, you become more harmonious and peaceful within. Which is then represented in your peaceful external reality. We do not promote any ideology or dogma’s that harm, divide or manipulate people and their belief systems.

We aim to bring you the correct data for you to discern for yourself, and place no judgement upon the receiver of the information (you) and the life choices that you make on your individual life pathways.

We hope you will find the data interesting for your own developmental path, and we hope to assist each of you on your personal journey of expanding consciousness, higher frequencies and growth, and to help you to discover more about yourself, your Star Family and the Universe.
Thank you and happy exploring. 💖🙏🌟
Matt Bell