Welcome curious traveller to the Halls of Star Knowledge, you have now arrived at the Library of Copper Scrolls.

In the library of Copper Scrolls, you will find a varied selection of different subjects to choose from. Each Copper Scroll contains Star Knowledge from our Ancient Star Families, who have kept records and the knowledge for others and future generations of all beings to understand.

Many different Star Nations have contributed and shared their data, knowledge and wisdom together without conflict. Each Star Nation has their own unique perspectives and cultures, each are respected for their diversity and similarities, because each will bring a different angle and perspective to issues that we commonly share, and also to inform about other issues that exist but are not necessarily related specifically to humans on Earth, but such issues are still worth understanding as part of the preference of expanding the consciousness of the viewer of such information.

Those who use the Library of Copper Scrolls are served with gaining a wider knowledge and understanding and growth which is important to the contributing Star Families and various Star Nations who created the Library for this purpose.

The library is for all ages, races and species. The information is free to view.

Please enjoy the Library of Copper Scrolls at your own leisure.