3D TO 5D

To know this, you have to start by asking…


Most people have heard of the term “3D”, it means different things to different people. And sounds very futuristic and technical. Most people have no idea what 5D actually is? It’s just an abstract term to them.

Basically the 3D, is short for meaning the “Third Dimension”, which is how we all perceive reality to be, and means that you can only travel within any space in this reality in just these directions. Meaning you can physically move:

  1. Up and down,
  2. Left and right, and
  3. Forwards and backwards

So as a person on a planet with gravity or not, such as you, can go up and down, forwards and backwards and left or right, these are 3 directions you can travel in. If you did not have a ground you would not be able to say what is up from down etc, but also in space in the 3D context, if your spacesuit had a jet pack, it could only go up & down, forwards & backwards, or left & right. Yes granted you could also spin around, but that would be a combo of two directions still in the 3D. Or Third Dimension. So even in space you can see that there are only 3 directions. 3D.

So people are aware of the space around them and understand that space (Reality) in which they can travel in these three directions as 3rd dimensional space. Or of the 3rd Dimension.

So objects and volume of space is perceived in such a way as to see things with a top and bottom, front and back, and left and right sides to it plus also a spatial perception is of these three aspects of anything represented in the 3D space. So this description above is what is termed 3D. Or the 3rd Dimension.

There is also another aspect to the 3D, in which a drawing in a flat piece of paper is known as 2 dimensional, or 2D, and so it is only limited to an X or a Y axis along one plane. With 3D you have volume, or a Z axis added, meaning that you can extrude that drawing into an object that now has sides. It has become 3D because it has volume in space now. So this is a Three Dimensional Object, within a volume of space.,

Of course when you include a volume of space, and you can move in 3 directions in that volume of space. You will obviously travel from point A to point B. Which will take a duration of time to get to B location from A location. Which is where the concept, or ingredient of “Time” comes into play. In the 3rd Dimension, you have the 3 directions, but being in one location and travelling to another takes time to get there physically. So with Space, also comes Time.

Like a rainbow or a Prism splits light into its separate colours, which explains the various coloured “bands” which make up the colour wavelengths of the rainbow, so too does the Aether also vibrate at certain bands of frequencies. These various frequencies form the various different densities. These frequencies are like waves in the ocean, all sorts of different types of waves, and smaller waves on the top of the bigger waves, with even smaller waves on even those etc.

Waves coming together from all directions and in all sorts of various force of motion, and all in constant motion. This is the same for frequencies, for all the various frequencies of the Electromagnetic Energy Spectrum. All of these various frequencies are called “Scalar Waves” and are of various energy formations and systems and patterns etc. From all of this dynamic and constant flow there comes order and within that order there also comes chaos, like dark & light, both have to coexist. One to contrast the other, and also to constantly perpetuate the other. As they are both part of the whole system and dynamic flow of the Universe and throughout the universe and through you too.

So Dimensions are bands of energy and the frequencies that generate various states of sound & light physics within its medium, or in other words, dimensions are types of reality, or environments, perceived in different ways.

The whole Universe is one contained and continually expanding energy system.

Within it is a spectrum of energy frequencies, like waves on an ocean, but like water it doesn’t mix with oil, this is because they are at different densities of gravity to each other or because they have different properties that separates them from one another. Just as the atmosphere has a different density to the oceans, you can also see the boundary between the sea and the sky, which is the horizon. The atmosphere is one “band” of frequencies of gasses, at a certain density, or densities and temperatures, and the atmosphere is of a different density to the ocean, as it’s a gas and not as a liquid. Just as a rainbow is also made of bands of colour, as light is split into the separated colour wavelengths through a prism, these are all layers or bands or densities of energy frequencies, which form the density of the medium, whether solid, liquid, gas, plasma, light and sound too in the form of octaves. Which are all various wavelengths or vibrational frequencies operating within their various densities.

These densities are formed by flow of energy to create those processes of motion formation and flow energy forms which manifest within those bandwidths. Energy channels, or bands within those dimensions forms densities. Water is a different density to oil, the two don’t mix naturally, is an example of two different densities, which form a natural boundary in-between. So within water and within oil, there are different properties and physics and so each is a type of energy band and therefore a density creating a type of realm or dimension with different properties in action.

So these various bands, form within bands and each dimension or realm has its own density of vibrational frequencies.

So within a set of bands you can perceive different dimensions of reality.

A divers reality of being in a different density of the medium of water, will be within the underwater realm and have a different weight to walking on the surface. A pilot will be in a different other realm or dimension to the diver as a person walking on the ground, all having different experiences, being different weights in their different dimensions or realms. Their reality as they perceive it based on their experiences within it.

People perceive reality depending on the level of awareness they have, and their life experience that they’ve had. They will view all of their reality through that filter and lens.

So a low intelligence person will see the world in a simple way, as something either good or bad, and no particular subtle grades between the good or bad.

A more intelligent person will see more nuance, more graduations, some things will be really good or bad, and some things will be average good or bad, and somethings slightly good or bad.

Yet whether it’s a village idiot or an academic with lots of letters after their name, both types will still tend to see things only in a form of reality that is dualism, meaning one of two things, and be comparing between.

As to whether things are slightly good or bad or really good or bad is subjective to the individual and irrelevant, because each is based on dual choice and just comparing two things against each other based on a subjective criteria.

This is the 3D mind of duality, it is the first state of consciousness we are generally all born into. It is the 3D or 3 dimensional realm of earth as perceived by all of us living in 3D, which is living in the land and mindset of duality, and that is a three dimensional mindset or consciousness that thinks reality is what it is.

THE 1ST STATE OF (3D) CONSCIOUSNESS 🐛Young Caterpillar Stage

There is nothing wrong with being in this first state of consciousness at all. It is the reality that was constructed around you and me before we were born and came into its 3D realm, and it’s about how we have all learned to make sense of this reality presented to us, and adapt to it.

So we are taught about “Reality” by our parents and teachers etc and are of the belief that this is what reality is, from matching up what we’ve been told, which then frames the way we perceive all of our life, and even how we perceive ourselves.

But this is only because you were told to perceive the world in that way, and told how it operates in that way. You then, like most people, took for granted that this is how the world works.

You were not told or taught, or shown or perhaps have become aware of how other types, or ways people’s consciousnesses can perceive reality, or even that reality itself is different to each person. Because that is really the issue here. You will see reality and perceive it to be so, from the information you believe to be true and genuine, from the information and experiences you have within it. From this perception of the world you then place everything into a certain order of the way things are, and think “this it’s just how the world and reality works”, right?

You do not see even how, or any reason why there is an alternate way of perceiving reality, or that there are even alternate realities at all. Or that if it’s true even, or that you can perceive it and it’s even possible to do that? You cannot see any reasons that someone or some others would construct a false reality for you to believe in, and then be living within? For there even to be an alternate reality? And then for you to perceive it as another reality from under that false construct you are within, because you do not believe or perceive or see why others would want to do that to you, i.e. there being no reasons for doing so.

Also with this mindset, you are not aware of how it’s possible to fool populations of millions of people into believing another type of reality exists. This is because in the first state of consciousness 3D reality, you are swimming within it and so perceiving nothing else but it that you are in , from that controlled form of awareness level. If you are deep sea diving, you are not aware of what’s going on above the water.

This is the same aspect of the 3D mind, or the first state of consciousness you developed, or the way you perceive your conscious awareness of the world that you are in. This is 3D, or the 3rd Dimension and 3 Dimensional consciousness. Which most people are operating in throughout their whole lives. Not ever knowing or becoming aware of anything else.

So you being within a constructed reality will perceive it and behave within it in a predictable way, is not something that your mind would ever think about because your mind is not wired up in that way. To think that the reality you perceive is a constructed one. Also People do not think of things that they wouldn’t do themselves generally, to themselves or others, so good hearted people cannot think like a murderer or thief for example, as they have a different morality, or code of conduct, and are not criminal or devious or dangerous to others by their way of being etc.

In this state you are an obedient citizen, you comply with the law, you work hard, pay your taxes, you trust the government and follow your political party, you vote and you believe in the way the system works. In this state of mind, you have no reason to question Authority because you place your trust and life into their hands. You believe that the authorities have your best interests at heart and that everyone is just doing the best they can with what they have in the current circumstances.


You are presented with information, you experience it, and then you express it.

  1. Presentation
  2. Experience
  3. Expression

In this ego state, all three are almost instantaneous, you react immediately to whatever is presented to you. You spend little time deliberating what reaction you will give and just react.

In the first state of consciousness, we are unaware of ourselves from an external perspective because we are in the experience itself.  Hardly ever is there a pause between the presentation and expression. We see ourselves as separate to others as an individual experiencing the world.

You are operating out of an Ego state, by which I mean that you and most people will have developed an identity, a personality, a character of who you wish to be and present to others. You have built up this identity from things you like and from rejecting things you don’t like. You have built your identity also on things that have influenced you in either directions. Good or bad. So your identity is the sum count of all these things and ways that you have adopted as your own, with your own unique flavour to them in one person that is you. This is the total collection of the set of ideas that you call you.

Yet all these artefacts are just that, for example, you are not your job, your clothes, your house, your income, these are all transitory things that change and fluctuate throughout your life.

Equally though too, you are not the identity that your ego created, you are not your name, you are not your ethnicity, culture or age. You are not even the body you inhabit.

These are only the attention you place to the collection of set ideas that you hold about you.

But in this state of consciousness or awareness, you are not aware of these things in your reality yet and may not be able to accept them as truth about reality. As you will see reality as something external that just is, and not aware that it is a manifestation of all the collective unconscious and conscious, all together made up of individual subjective realities.

2ND STATE OF (3D) CONSCIOUSNESS 🐛Caterpillar Stage

This is when you start to gain a greater and wider awareness of life, and this usually only comes from accumulated experiences or from trauma. The experiences you have, will inform you about the world, but not only that, they will also inform you about you. For example how you cope in times of danger, or under pressure to make good decisions quickly, how you cope and manage in various challenging situations etc. By your various different experiences and challenges in life, you get to know yourself more, by that I mean, you discover more of what you are, and also more of what you are not.

This expanding state of consciousness can only be done by interacting with the world, and gaining valuable learning experiences from those various interactions. The more varied your experiences are, the more you will know about the different variables of life, but also more about yourself in the process of living through those life variables and situations.

You are still immersed in the land of 3D, and with the 3D mindset of duality driving your consciousness and therefore all that you subsequently perceive as reality, but now you are starting to gain more insights as to what these different life variables and challenges are, and how they can be different than what is presented on the surface. You are a wiser person for having lived many experiences and noticed that often what is presented to you, is not often what it actually is underneath, and what was presented as something, may be a completely different thing with a completely different agenda. .

So in the 2nd state of Consciousness, you start to become more aware of yourself and the role you play in all of these various situations you find yourself in.

In this more expanded state of consciousness, you start to become familiar with certain patterns of behaviour in others, you start to recognise situations or systems that you have previously been involved in, but have since moved away from. You start to see people are like you, that they are and will be making the same mistakes as you, or another way of saying it, is that your are seeing others doing what you’ve already done, and doing it in a variety of different ways.

You start to see yourself, your younger self, your less experienced self, in others, and you start to reflect on how you dealt with similar circumstances, or how you see others dealing with similar situations that created different outcomes.

In the 2nd state of Consciousness, you are starting to become more aware of yourself, you are starting to see that when facing certain dilemmas or challenges, that you would make certain choices you’ve made similarly before. You have made many decisions that were not successful in your eyes, and so you’ve adapted your choices until you’ve made more successful ones with better outcomes. This is your’s and everyone’s natural adaptation to what life has presented to them and you before, and you are making choices more from experience, rather than winging it, guessing it, or just having a belief it will be the best choice. So you are starting to make considered choices based on experience, not always, but some of the time. In this state of consciousness, we tend to start asking “why?”, when we are being asked to do something.

You no longer have a blind obedience to certain things, and have less faith in them, we start to become aware of systems that you are involved in, that you have now turned cynical about. Having had great faith in them to start with, but once involved within them, one has become familiar with it and become less cooperative or are putting less belief into. You are starting to see that the systems you once out your whole faith and heart and soul into, are misguided of you, because you are the one who has been taken advantage of. Your initial enthusiasm and naivety was manipulated to your deficit with energy, options and lifestyle etc.

A lot of Academics and Intellectuals fail at reaching the full potential of this second state of consciousness. They are still immersed in ego within the illusion that is their creation in the 1st state of consciousness, fully immersed.

They cannot see that they are also part of the experiment type perspective. They are unable to see the psychology of their own consciousness, whether it’s looking in a bias or neutral way for data, whether they are in denial  or funded by certain agendas etc. These professional and well trained people are so confident of their abilities because of the left brain lobe training, that it blocks them assessing their part in the process.

One of the most difficult aspects about the second state of consciousness, is to do nothing. The mind is always “ON!”, until it switches off for being in a trance or for sleep.

Or becoming aware of the present self.

The mind is constantly distracted all waking hours. It is never still, in silence and without distraction. It does not know how to stop “thinking”. To just rest in silence, and to be present with one’s own thoughts. Perhaps in a dark quiet room. To just be.

Not doing anything, other than resting comfortably, and not thinking anything, just being with themselves alone to their own thoughts.

This is where one can just start to become the observer, the more expanded view of oneself, as if you are observing your behaviour, thoughts, words and deeds. From a position further back so you may also include others around you as you there too, in this expanded viewpoint of you being part of the process. So going through the process of not being self-aware, and going into looking at yourself immersed, rather than being immersed. To become the observer of one’s thoughts, actions and deeds, but in real-time, as it occurs.

3RD STATE IF CONSCIOUSNESS – (3D -4D) Chrysalis Stage.

The period of your life where you are confused and angry, sad and dismayed at finding out that absolutely everything you thought was true was actually all just lies. You bring your whole belief system into question. You don’t know what to believe anymore, you question the veracity of absolutely everything. You doubt yourself and your judgements, you question your decision making and get confused that you didn’t see it all before.

You start to see where your triggers are, what makes you angry or sad etc, or react in a very quick way? What makes you rattled and what are your darkest fears. You start to realise that these have been holding you back as you’ve been manipulated to have a divided mindset with an ego of a competitive nature, as part of the way to control you through your emotions. So you start to face those fears and harmonise those triggers, so you’re not manipulated emotionally to react in the way the controllers want, to turn it on yourself with self-loathing and then onto others.

No you choose to be compassionate to yourself instead whilst still feeling the anger and injustice, but you turn that justified outrage energy of yours into becoming harmonious and continuous instead.

In this heightened and more aware state of conscious you are more likely than not now able to see that what you once believed in, what you were once told about the world and through your beliefs in those things to be true, and found out since that they were not true.
You are aware that it was you were the subject to these indoctrinations because your parents and everyone else was too, since birth.

At some point in your life, you will have experienced injustice, prejudice, bias, or challenges that were incredibly difficult and caused you trauma.
You start to question everything you thought you knew by looking at them on a deeper level. This is because you have lost your trust in people or systems that you trusted but we’re dissatisfied or let down by them.

This is the state of consciousness where one goes from caterpillar stage and into chrysalis stage. This is when people completely rewrite their internal “wiring”, they are reconfiguring themselves, shifting their priorities and cutting old energy chords of attachment and entanglements that no longer serve them or are of them for now seeing for what they are.
In this transformational state, you are seeing what you are not, you are seeing what you once were part of on a deeper level and seeing that these things were continuing to feed other people agendas and not your own m, or others well-being, so you cut the feed to them.

Most people never make it to this stage within one lifetime, but after multiple lifetimes, but some will make the transition in their lifetime while alive, they had to realise they have transitioned out of the first and second states of 3D consciousness. This is only ever self realised from the subjective perspective that one has changed into a different being looking at the world with a much more expanded and loving consciousness.
Part of the process of this growth period is going through feelings of doubt and self loathing, to still choose to be loving and not turn bitter by these self revelations of being lied to and believing them. You have to be able to love yourself and also consciously decide that you will not turn to hate too, knowing that is what the controllers want. They want us to hate each other and to hate ourselves. So love is a conscious choice to push you through the darkness.

In this 3rd state of expanded consciousness we transform. All our demons and fears are faced and turned into opportunities and pathways to more light. The truths we are finding out set us free from being unawares and party to the lies, it removes suffering, creates healing and transforms and empowers you. You are coming out of mental slavery and creating the real authentic you, not the carefully constructed act of you anymore.
You are coming into your authentic self as you accept and love who you are. Nobody can take that sense of self away from you now.


When you become aware that everything is designed as a way to constantly distract you. To keep your mind occupied all the time in such a way that your mind is distracted from looking at itself and becoming aware of itself, your (true authentic light), but instead your mind and your awareness are kept in a false light of the ego.

You are constantly thinking of the past or the future but never the here and now, present moment.

In the 3rd State of Consciousness all your darkness is pushed into the light for you to inspect. All your worries and fears are being faced. You start to become fearless in your search for real truths. You start to realise that the past and the future do not exist, the past has gone and the future is yet to happen. You start to come into your now present moment and start to see things in present tense. You shift awareness from past and future into the present eternal moment.

This is where you live in the eternal NOW moment. This is a place of self realisation.

Here in this 4th state of Unity consciousness m, you realise that at the more expanded levels, that there are only ever eternal truths that remain so, and these are only ever self realised as such by the person who realises them. This is because it is the right time to understand them.  These eternal truths have layers, there are deeper levels of self realisation and truth within each deeper truth.

At this expanded consciousness, you realise that all other people are you! That because time is all playing out all at once, that these others are aspects of yourself playing out all at once. Some are close aspects of you and some are opposites, and the range of infinite variety between. You realise that you generate your own subjective reality based on the values and qualities you hold within you. You realise the external reality is only a projection of your internal reality.

Many things have been understood by you, that you are able by your reaction to change the outcome of that situation, by doing it in the now real-time. You realise that you can actually shape and nudge and change reality, both yours and others, by your thoughts, words, and actions.

3D in 4D in 5D
5D, is not the 3D, that’s sits within 4D, and they both sit within 5D. Which is the universal standard operating consciousness. The earth realm is an artificially lowered frequency realm so that high and low consciousness beings can interact to create the soul experiences thru need to advance their spiritual journeys.

The reason people never find the meaning of life, the Universe and Everything, is because that they forgot that they are the Universe making meaning from everything. They are seeking externally, whereas you have gone onwards and inwards from that state of 3D consciousness. So you have purged or are in the middle of identifying and purging out all those old systems and beliefs snd corrupted programming thought scripts.

The 5th Dimension, or the 5th density, it doesn’t really matter which because the 5D is not a location, it is a high level of frequencies and a state of consciousness or conscious awareness of what reality is, and what you are.

The 5D comes through you and then manifests into the physical reality by the energy and attention that you give to  it.

So as someone who realises that they are the whole universe experiencing itself from their own unique perspective, that they have the power to destroy or create worlds if they choose but always choose creation and love, when they realise that we are all one interconnected energy system, whole and as one, their hopes and visions change, New priorities, hopes, visions and ideas are born and new ways of doing things in a holistic, loving unity way comes about naturally.

At this level of consciousness, the mind is well aware of the “duality” mind traps, it knows that it’s not just black & white, that there are grades between, there is always a third or more option for almost anything. But also there are times when there can be no between. These minds are aware that both poles or extremes, or dark and light are part of the whole one.

Each individual that has reached this place knows themself, is in harmony with themselves and others, as they have done their shadow and inner child work. They know they are a constant work in progress, imperfectly perfect and whole. That they have this life manifest for a reason and they are a divine fractal spark of the whole or Source itself. They have got past the disbelief that they are not.

By their own means and self-realisations, through their own challenges, seeing themselves at first separate but within the hive mind illusion, and then breaking free of their programming to realise that they are as one with all. These are only ever self-learned through the living experiences of life and one’s aptitude to gain understanding of it. 


Each individual here can think critically for themselves as an individual, both for themselves and for the greater good of all. At this higher expanded consciousness one cannot knowingly cause harm, you are above the looping death, Revolution and war cycles are broken, new pathways lay ahead. You are in more of a position to be able to handle the advanced technology and Knowledge safely.

You are now of the mind to be of service to others, knowing that it is a service also to yourself and part of your spiritual moral codes and ethics. You are living your full potential and staying in high vibration and being within the heart-based unity consciousness beaming out your divine light and being the living example of what that is like.

3D is within 4D, is within 5D

In reality there are no densities or dimensions as such, as these too are just concepts, ideas that separate us from describing the impossible which is the all, and to describe it would be again to be limiting it with just words and so all is mind. All is just a collection of a set of ideas you call you. The concepts of densities and dimensions is a way of making sense of how these forces and energies come together and interplay. It is a way of being able to understand some of the self and the whole through one’s own efforts and self-realisations, and using the words and meanings and concepts to understand the territory. Which is the whole United Source Information Field or Unity Consciousness expressing itself.

It becomes self-evident that to become harmonious within, on the individuals choosing to do so, that brings about the world peace in the external reality. That it all starts with the self-changing first.