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Hello and welcome to the Star Teachings protocol Extraterrestrial Database.

Here you will find the latest data on the various different species and extraterrestrial beings that live on different planets and inhabit different Star Systems around the Universe. Including some inhabiting our very own planet Earth.

The information presented on the database is not from any channelled source, it is directly from several ET races that are supplying it. There are the Taygetan Pleiadians, the Karistus, and the Homily, plus two other ET groups that are also providing this information. It helps to cross reference the data to verify its validity. Also, this info comes from the Source and the meetings I have on board craft.


I take this information very seriously and take every endeavour to make sure that it is correct and up to date. I will be constantly updating the database as new information comes in.

It’s very important not to continue the misinformation and disinformation that’s floating around in the public realms. It’s important for us to know our true history, lineage and abilities. It’s important to bring this information to Earth and its populations in order to prepare humanity for returning to its cosmic roots and to help us become an interstellar civilisation. So, this data is highly valued and important to humanity and ongoing development.

Species Shared Home

Just as one island can have a population of different people from different countries, so too can more than one species inhabit a planet or Star System.

Just as you can have different people from different countries sharing one home, in say a city like London, so too can you have different species inhabiting the same one home planet, or they inhabit the same Star System.

So, to call all Pleiadians as one species would be incorrect, seeing as several many species inhabit different parts of the Pleiades Star System too.

You have living within the Pleiades system –
Solatians – White Pleiadians
Taygetans – Taygetan Pleiadians
Engans – Nordic Pleiadians
Mohyay – Four legged wingless birds
And many more.

So, it is advised that whenever you think of a Star System like the Pleiades, it has not got one species of extraterrestrial, it has many on it, just like the planet Earth is home to many species. So just because the Star System has a name like Pleiadian, it does not necessarily apply that there is one species of Pleiadian. There are cat beings, reptile beings, human like beings and many more types of species. All could be called Pleiadian from the Seven Sisters Pleiades Star System, but not the same genetics or species. So, something to bear in mind when viewing this ET Database.

  • One species can inhabit more than just one planet, or Star System.
  • Many species can inhabit just one planet.

No Abode

Some beings are born on spaceships, not on a planet, so depending on their culture will depend on whether they take on the same for things like species name and home planet etc. So also, some beings will consider themselves as an extended part of their species yet never visited their ancestors or families home world.

Some don’t take on their species name or self-identity, some do, it depends on the species.

Some beings like Mari Swaruu whose family and genetics are Pleiadian, she comes from Taygeta, yet having been born in “Hyperspace”, she was free of planetary vibrational concepts and so considers herself and kind as “Swaruunian”, so a much more expanded and “evolved” or upgraded being than her predecessors.  So some beings will not consider they have a home, unlike Mari, who knows her home world.

Some beings are like sailors born at sea and have never taken foot on dry land.


Some people are only just waking up to an understanding that the true nature of reality is much, much more expanded than taught, and that we humans are not just the only intelligent inhabitants of planet Earth.

Yes, that is right, the planet has and has had may space faring nations and races arrive here.

Many have just been passing but others stayed and have their colonies all around and within the planet.

There is the misconception that there is only one civilisation with intelligence, when in truth, the universe is oozing with intelligent lifeforms. Some are less developed and intelligent, and others are way more intelligent than humans. So, it’s a very broad spectrum of intelligence too, as different species have their own culture etc.

Also to say just one intelligent civilisation is ‘out there’ is naive, there are billions of trillions. To call them “Aliens” or “Extraterrestrial” may not be exactly correct. Yes, they may seem alien to you and like they are from a different planet, literally! But they may consider Earth their planet too, and although you would probably think these aliens or extraterrestrials you may encounter are from outer space (they may be), but they can also be thinking of themselves as coming from planet Earth too.


There are a lot of unknowns out there. Some species we only have a name for. Some species are so new that they don’t even have a name to them, and some species we may have a name and some extra details like images or knowledge of their civilisation or origination point. It’s a mixed bag and the ones that we know most about are generally the extraterrestrial races that have visited Earth and influenced its people in some ways, good or bad, in our long past history.

Constantly Updated

There are trillions of billions of different species out there in the universe. Some species come into our Solar System that we have no data on.

The database is constantly updated when new credible information becomes available. This database is composed of information from various sources that have consistently provided evidence that is confirmed by two or more other  sources.


As the ET database continues to develop, we will try to include the type of craft and technology capabilities that the various ET species use, and when they last visited planet Earth.

Outer Space

Outer Space is much like planet Earth’s oceans, it is full of life, in all its wonderful natural variety. It’s no different to a coral reef that is home to much biodiversity. A crocodile or Komodo dragon require live foods, it’s just in their nature. Much as other species like snakes and lizards need live food. It’s just a different way of survival that the creature has naturally developed to sustain its existence, yet to a human, eating live foods may not be as palatable. It’s just how different species have different ways of survival, it’s not anything to moralise about, from a human perspective.

Good & Bad

To say that there are only good or only bad is an error. There are both good and bad life forms out there for humanity. Just as much as there are good and bad humans here on planet Earth. So, to be in fear of all ETs is to ignore the fact that also there are harmful humans and creatures around us on this planet. Yet people don’t think that they have evil intent like a shark seeking a meal that comes across a human swimmer. It’s just the way the life form sustains its existence. So yes, there are regressive species and I call them Aliens, and there are species that are benevolent /good to humanity too, and I call them Extraterrestrials or Star Family.

The aim of this database is to give you a greater and much fuller awareness of who you are, and also what other beings are. It helps humanity to understand better the wider context of its place in the universe.

Matt Bell



Information Sources

With thanks and credit to the sources and authors, to the “people”, Ancient benevolent and protective of humanity that are dedicated to bringing out the truth. These are the official sources and not channelled information but true genuine data.

Cosmic Agency Hosted by Gosia
Official Channel YouTube Official website

Mari Swaruu Official YouTube channel

The Karistus Official YouTube channel

The Homily Direct contact
USF Direct Contact

Please visit these sites regularly for updates and more excellent truthful information and star knowledge.