Welcome dear passenger to the 5D+ portal of Joy. We are so glad that you have arrived!
We hope you enjoy your visit through the 5D+ portal. Our aim is to improve your state of being whilst you are here, and increase your levels of Joy.

Q. What is 5th Density?

  • 5th Density is just a higher vibrational state of frequency and energy level, that your consciousness, soul and mind can function at. It is like a band of higher energy states amongst many other bands of energy states.
  • Everyone has a unique vibrational frequency signature. Just like your own fingerprint, it is specific just to you. Our unique vibrational frequencies fluctuate up and down depending on our emotional state of being, and our moods.

Q. What is the 5th Dimension?

  • The 5th Dimension is the realm or world of representation to you of your reality that you generate through your state of vibrational density.
  • It is the external universe that matches your state of vibrational frequency within.

How It Works


One side of the portal is 3D (where you come from) through the portal into 5D on the other side, as it collapses the 4th density, so you go from 3-5D instantly.

You purchase your Universal Passport at the ‘Passport Desk’ on the 3D side, write your preferred name on the passport, get it officially Earth stamped and then go through to the portal pathway and through the portal of Joy.

So then when an individual comes into the 5D+ bubble it creates, it’s down to the level of consciousness of the individual, as to how much of these 5D+ frequencies they absorb and integrate from the tools and tips we create and provide within that 5D space.

The Portal draws from the planet Earth’s natural EM fields and natural Leylines and Vortices. Resonating in harmonic frequency with the location and then magnifying that signature frequency or frequencies of vibration of that location. Amplifying the density of the location and beings within the Portals set field.

Using the rotation of the planet and in alignment with its polar angles, the Portal funnels the Schumann resonance and shapes it through the ring. This changes the flow of Ether through the Portals aperture, condensing 4th Density against 5th Density, so that it wraps around itself like a circular barrel wave that condenses 4th Density into an envelope one muon thick.

As the other side of the Portal is resonating at a higher vibrational set of frequencies at the 5th density, it is like oil and water and so 3D is drawn into the 4D which pushes against the 5thD.

Seeing as 3D is contained within 4D, which is contained with the 5D.

5D is the average vibrational density of the Universe.


Travel Through the Portal

When traveling through the portal please stay in the neutral observer mode. Being open minded is encouraged.

Please leave your 3D thinking behind as it does not function within this 5D portal of Joy.

There is no judgement of others in this 5D sacred space that you come into.

Only those that are of love and above are able to pass through the portal. Nothing of lower consciousness or mischievous, regressive or harmful intent can pass through the High Frequency 5D+ Portal of Joy

It’s like a big UV fly zapper to the lower entities of any beings of negative intent.

Operating Principles within 5D Space.

  • What Unites you with others?
  • What is your Heart telling you, not your mind?
  • You have been given Sacred Living Geometry of Time and Space whilst this portal is open. Please respect the value of this.
  • No Judgement, of self or others.
  • No one is above or below another.
  • Everyone has input and is valued.
  • Love is the individual operating mode


How to Travel Through the Portal

One person is allowed through the Portal at a time.

Do not pause or stop in between dimensional realms. Keep moving through to the other side.

Unless travelling through the Portal, it is advised to stand back 7ft from the apparatus.


Place your hands together, as if to pray, then extend your arms out in front of you, as if to dive.

  1. Walk slowly through the centre, whilst being aware of where you are placing your feet.
  2. No pulling or touching the veil whilst passing through as it can be dangerous.


Trip Hazard

Please be aware of the bottom part of the Portal, as you will need to step over it to go through the portal.


What To Expect On The Other Side?

It looks exactly like nothing has changed on the other side of the portal once you enter through into the 5D+space. This is because it is you that it affects and how you resonate.

Like a bath makes you wet but also cleans you, think of the portal having the same effect. You are coated in the higher frequencies until they dry off or absorb into you. You don’t stay wet for ever after a bath, no, you dry off. Same with the portal, only some evaporates and some absorbs into you, raising your frequency just that little bit higher than before you passed through the portal.

So, after a time you will be reaching the higher states of 5D+ consciousness frequencies, from spending more time in those vibrational densities. Then as a result you will become more aware of the 5D+ higher frequencies that are around you and coming through you in everyday life, you will become more aware of finer details, your processing abilities grow to take on more data, and you become more aware of finer colours, smells etc, as your consciousness raises and your conscious awareness increases. So, in effect you become an individual 5D+ portal in what you do, think and say, in your everyday life.

This is a choice you actively decide that you want to experience. There are no lasting side effects from passing through the portal, other than positive ones.



Technical Specifics
On/Off 🟢🔴
Open 🔘
Closed 🚫

Bubble Mode 🌐
Creates a Spheroid field in front of Portal up to intended circumference within spacetime.

Volumetric Mode 💠
Creates a resonant field frequency that fills the volume of the internal space location for a specified time.

Boundary Mode 🪩
Creates a frequency boundary up to specified distance and time.

Low Light Mode 🕯
(reduced light pollution)

Frequency Resonator 🎶
Creates a vibrational Tuning Ring (Scalar ranges)

Colour Frequency Resonator 🌈
Option to use colour light spectrum (Scalar Ranges)

What it Does ⏫🧬💡
Raise people’s frequencies to a higher level.

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