Welcome to the repository containing the book of the Sacred Twelve Universal Laws.

These Universal Laws are not created or decided by mankind. They are the underlying fundamental nature of nature itself.

These Universal Laws are at work, in process and by which we are part of and governed by, whether we are aware of them or not.

These Universal Laws manifested you, flow through you and are part of who you are. They will have an effect on your daily lives, so it is better to be made aware of them and some of their energy processes, so you can use them to expand your conscious awareness of life and the eternal Universal Laws at work in nature.

We have written the Sacred Twelve Universal Laws book so that there are everyday examples you will be able to become aware of and then see how they can, and do, apply in our lives.

We very much hope that you enjoy reading the book which is a free gift and can be downloaded by clicking the cover image.

Thank you.💖🙏🌟