The Divine, “What is it?”
The word divine is used to express that you think something is good, or of benefit. The word “Divine” is used in exchange for words like beautiful, wonderful, superb, amazing, etc, and there are also religious meanings to the worlds Divine and Divinity too.

The word is also used for the meaning of to find, to attain or to discover, to learn or understand. To “Divine” something, and Divining comes from the word Divine, and to divine something is to search for or to look for, the “art of divination”, where people use divining rods to find underground water and springs, or they use a pendulum on a chain or rope dangling over a board etc to gain extra clarity on something or to ask questions and receive some answers from the Universe, or Great Spirit etc using this method.

Hijacked by Religion
In religion the word Divine is used to explain about a benevolent being’s status of being Divine, of God like qualities, or to explain about God or Jesus or ascended masters or guardian angels or the saints etc. The term “Divine intervention” comes to mind when people say that was an act of God when someone has a close encounter with danger or is very nearly fatally harmed but came away unscathed. So the belief that a higher being or the highest being “God” saved someone or some special thing from harm or death.

The Dark Side of Divinity
As with all things though, anything that is highly positive, will also have its highly polar opposites. In the context of the fact that you cannot have Light without Dark, you have to have both, to be able to see the contrasts in life.

There is a saying that goes something like, “Where the light leads, the dark is sure to follow and try to snuff it out.” Which is true in many respects. In the context of the dark side of divinity, you have sone examples.

When a religious organisation appoints themselves closest to “god”, it assumes to take on the highest moral and spiritual ground, from which it cannot be challenged. If you look at religions like the Catholic Church for example, they will deify and announce who is a “Saint” and who is a “Sinner”, they already have the arrogance to proclaim they are closest to god, yet have a punishment system for those that don’t follow the rules that they say are from God. Why would a god punish “its” own children? It doesn’t make sense to just keep creating deviant beings only to punish or kill them. That would imply “god” makes flawed beings and faulty children, would it not? So, this is implying that God is somehow faulty.

Yet it is man that poisons the children’s parents that make them suffer from genetic abnormalities and disabilities, not God, or Source, Great Spirit or whatever you view as the Creator. Nature does not have the same abnormalities unless it’s at the hands of man again.

All things are Divine.
Even the dark spawns new life, seeds grow in the dark and blossom into the light, our planet Earth has both day and night constantly at the same time but different moving locations. The whole point is that you are the valuer of what is dark and what is light, contrasts are needed. There is also a grey area between and a full spectrum.
Divine is the purest form of energy, structure and form, it can never be truly corrupted, because it will always revert back to its essence again. Just as there is sacred geometry in sound, in light, in magnetism and electricity, there is sacred geometry in all things natural. All plants and animals have sacred geometry, as do the motions of the planets and galaxies. So all is divine and the divine is in all things, including you. Also including the most evil people on the planet, so as you can see what you are not.
In the sense of how seriously evil or perverse can exist, well as explained above about polar opposites and how the dark is always after sniffing out the light.
Only we humans moralise it, when it’s not about that, it’s just more about the physics of balance being maintained in the universe.

Not Appointed
Divinity is not for someone to appoint another person with. It’s not something that you can give or assign to someone else.

Not Self Appointed
Divinity is not ever self-proclaimed. You have missed working on the ego if you declare to others that just are are divine. True divinity recognises that all beings and all things are divine, because all things are one.

Never Found Externally
The state of consciousness that is known as divine is only ever found from doing the inner work as a state of being and not a garment to wear. It is found because the ones who find it will self-realise it only from being of a state of mind never to have considered they would ever find divinity or enlightenment. So, it cannot be found externally but only internally.

It is always your reaction to the understanding of something and not like an object to give to others. Divinity is found by the minds that are humble and in gratitude.

You see that the appreciation of all things being divine and your ability to understand natures truths are the reactions within you, as only you are comprehending what you are focussed upon and not anyone else. So finding the state of divinity is coming from the appreciation of the divine in all things and then realising that it is also within you and that you must also be a divine being, hence the realisation and the discovery or finding that after appreciating it externally with your awareness and your observations on life, and observations on you living in life, you realise it internally as the last item on the list type thing. So it is only ever found and then self-realised.

So this means that, like enlightenment, Divinity and what it is, is only relying on those that have not done the inner work themselves to define what is and what isn’t enlightenment, you will never reach it because it’s like asking those who aren’t in an enlightened state of consciousness to control who is in and who is not in a higher state of consciousness.
It’s like asking the inmates at an insane asylum to rule over the sane society and decide who is and isn’t mad.
So if anyone claims that they are divine or enlightened, they are then considered crazy by the unenlightened who are still in darkness and the illusion of their constructed false realities.

You just come into that state of divinity and know it when you are there.
You don’t say oh yes, I’m now divine or a divine being, you can’t fake it either.
It’s like being able to dip into a pool that nobody else is using or can see because they are all too busy describing what type of pool is the divine pool. Each thinks theirs is the pool from where people can become divine by using their pool.
It’s when you find your own pool and nobody else can see it to be able to use it, but you can and you know you are in that lovely pool of divine water.

And that’s it, you realise that you are divine and have been all along, just have been unaware of it as some mythical thing or power that some magical others have and you don’t. No, it was just you were not aware of what divinity is all about and how people attain it. All beings, including yourself, are capable of finding their own divine status.
Which is to be the best version of you that you can be, and to be living that life in that state of illuminated grace consciousness that divinity provides the mind once self-realised.

In the state of divinity.
Typically, a person who comes into a state of divinity has some of these qualities:

They will be of a contented mood.

They will not be emotionally triggered by external events.

They will always consider their responses and expressions of character.

They are very good at listening.

They are exceptional at observing.

They are in a state of consciousness in a neutral space, within their awareness of oneness.

They are humble and humorous.

They like to assist others without seeking a reward.

They have a quiet confidence about them that is contentment from knowing that they do not have to prove anything to anyone.

They speak from consideration and not just for themselves.

Being inside the consciousness of a being that is divine, is to consider all life as divine, to be of service to others knowing that service you provide then promotes others to feel the same way about you and also others.

It is to be mindful of the impact of your words and deeds in real-time as you speak them and do them. Being aware of how others may interpret your words and deeds, and misunderstand your true intentions. Being aware that others will think that you think that you are a god, yet you don’t think like that and know it is just other people’s projection on to you of what they are inside.

It’s behaving with kindness, compassion and grace and always taking the highest best options for all involved rather than just for self-preservation.

It’s being in alignment with one’s natural path of spiritual development and soul progression.

It’s being fearless in the face of fear, it’s feeling like you are an eternal blazing fire if love.

These are just a few examples of the mind of someone who is in the state of divinity or divine grace, they have harmonised within and become a balanced mind that is self-content. They have become harmonious within and therefore are not in conflict externally with any person or idea that may have opposite values.

Divinity is a state of mind, a mindset you too can achieve, it’s a way of thinking that becomes a habit if doing that you think and then that becomes who you truly are.

If you are causing no harm or loss, but equally taking no crap from others, if you are assisting yourself by assisting others, if you are pro the flourishing of life, all life. If you appreciate the pure essence of truth through the beauty of nature, then you are living in a state of grace through your heart.

Ultimately to be in a divine state is to be living in harmony with yourself as you are and with others, through heart-based unity. As you see yourself in all other people and also within all things. You appreciate that to harm another is to harm yourself. To heal and assist others is to do that to yourself.

Living in the heart-based unity consciousness you just basically keep coming to the same question: “What would love do?”

It helps others to understand what things are, being divine is not just for superhuman beings or religious characters, all life has the divine within it. We are all on our own unique natural learning journeys, we are the only ones responsible for our thoughts and behaviours.

So, taking charge of the ego and using the heart and instincts as your guide and you will find that state of divinity within you.