There is a Consciousness in you, and you have a Mind, and you have a Body.

This Consciousness shines in the Mind, and through that, in the Body, and in all the organs of the Body, and you feel this Consciousness.

This is the Answer.

The thing to be noted here, is that the teacher presents Consciousness in 5 aspects, 5 points you have to understand and appreciate.

1). Consciousness is NOT a part of your Body, or your Mind.

It is apart from your Body & Mind. Here it differs from science because modern science would say; “Consciousness is a product of your Body, even your Mind is a product of your Body, Mind and Consciousness are all products of the Brain.”

But  here the teacher says –

“Consciousness is apart from your Mind & Body.  This first point, it’s NOT a part of your body, it’s NOT a product of your Body.

2). It is apart, but it pervades and illumines the Body. Consciousness pervades and illumines the Mind and the Body, enabling it to function.

3). Consciousness is NOT limited by the Mind & Body. It exists apart from the Mind and Body, also it is NOT limited to it. It is NOT something that’s in the Brain, or particular part of the Body. It is NOT limited by the Body.

4). Consciousness is Known in the functioning of the Mind and the Body. Through the functioning of the Mind and Body, we can know Consciousness, we can experience Consciousness.

5). Without the Mind and the Body, Consciousness is still there, but it cannot be known. It is not experienced. For example 5 points;

5a) There is light here in this room from these lights, here is my hand, light is being reflected from this hand. The light which is being reflected off from this hand, is NOT a part of this hand, it is a product of this hand.

5b). It pervades the hand and illumines the hand.

5c). It exists, and is NOT limited by the hand, other than the hand it exists everywhere.

5d). It’s by the reflection in this hand, I can understand the light. So when I put my hand here in the light, I can understand the light, I can experience the light when it is reflected. If I remove my hand, (Teacher removes his hand from the light) the light is still there, but it is not experienced. (Teacher  puts his hand up into the light)

Now it is experienced.

Modern Science excludes examining its own consciousness and the confirmation bias naturally inherently in all of us, even through the rigorous process of postulates, when designing or creating such experiments. There are certain things that can be repeated to create a certain set of results, that are then repeatable for others to achieve the same results yes. Absolutely, but this process of scientific repetition and duplication is only part of a process to describe results that are ubiquitous. They do not necessarily postulate the consciousness state of the observer and the affect of observation by the observer upon said observation.

The double slit experiment shows that by observation, nothing is unaffected. So to put this in another way; your observation of something, of anything, makes it change from just your observation.

Now the materialistic old-world Newtonian or even Einstein science cannot be applied to explain this phenomenon using their method of science. Because it comes from the premise that Consciousness is a product of our body. So coming from a false premise to start with.

It is in fact the opposite way around, as explained at the beginning with the 5 points.

Once you realise that your Consciousness has created what you view as the external, you can start to transform it into more synchronous vibrational frequency just by your intentions. You can start to manifest the reality you want to see by changing the internal perspective within your own self. Of your own self.

It’s like the transformation a caterpillar goes through to become more of itself as a butterfly with extra gifts, in this case it’s flight. In human cases, it’s claircognesense, or psychic or healing or telepathic etc. You realise you create reality, you literally manifest it just from your thoughts. Example being that everything you see around you was just a concept or an idea shared once and then put into production and made manifest. Even the nature all around you is the concept of Consciousness and therefore Source. Which you are of, and you are as.

Start looking within for the way to change what you don’t like in the “external”, you created this, you can change it again too. Start to realise where you are divided from other humans and harmonise it with balance, start to see where you invest your energies and attention, what it’s feeding etc. Start to see how your energy is being abused etc. Become more discerning of toxic or harmful energies etc. Cut off your feed, pause between info received and your reactions to it.

The greater the show on the outside the more the poverty on the inside. You can transform yourself at any time of your choice. You just have to unlearn all you have been told and question its authenticity through following info deeper and finding out where it goes. Trust your heart and gut instincts to feel the vibration of info, does it feel right or wrong to you?

These techniques of curiosity with a genuine open mind for change and less judgement, of complimentary judgements, of balancing and harmonising you’re thoughts through observing them first before reacting, are great ways to accelerate your expanding consciousness to light the light within you and reconnect your sacred root of Source you had forgotten about or were told was not a real thing.