The 3rd Eye Abilities

The Third Eye is where your Pineal Gland is located, it is, by its electromagnetic properties, able to attract light, which is data. Depending on the thoughts, experiences and awareness of its owner. It is an energy node which pulls energy frequencies and vibration into it, much like the pupil of an eye lets in light in the visible spectrum, but with the 3rd Eye it’s vibrational frequencies, including the light or energies we cannot see in the visible light spectrum.

The 3rd eye is responsible for regulating our sleep patterns, and the types of chemicals we need to release and repair our bodies with, so as to be able to function properly. The Pineal Gland regulates our Cycladic rhythms, it needs daylight, and dark, and also moonlight, which affects the 3rd Eye’s abilities, which are also partly responsible for our conscious awareness, and our consciousness.

The third eye is a chakra, and it is located in the middle of the forehead, between your eyebrows and in the middle of your brain along with the hypothalamus. The 3rd Eye is associated with intuition, insight, and perception. The 3rd eye is the sixth out of seven chakras that controls the meridian energy lines of the spirit, mind and body. It also takes us to a place of higher consciousness and enlightenment when activation of it is activated.

Active Extra Senses
Being able to open your 3rd eye allows your 6th sense to be more active, which is a type of a new and expanded way of thinking, it provides expanded thinking process to occur. It’s more balanced emotionally and more open minded than before, which enables more awareness and perception of energies, and particularly the perception of the vibrational frequency spectrum, not just the visible light and sound wave spectrum.

Sonar Detector
So, in some ways you could consider your third eye to be a bit like a sonar detector, it can penetrate through objects and “see” what’s inside and the vibrational quality of it, or signal, or intention that is generating it, the thing you are observing with your attention. It’s more of a “feeling” it, than “seeing” it with the 3rd eye. They say seeing because your mind is able to see beyond the surface level that you get when just looking with only your 2 eyes. So yes, you do “see”, but also “feel” the vibrational signal aspect of another being that is connected to the same Ether field, or Source Energy Field as you are. And as you may already know, all things are intrinsically interconnected as one.
So, when active, your 3rd eye becomes a vibrational frequency detector. You can read the vibes emanating off things or people or locations etc.

Beam Splitter and Inferometer
As your 3rd eye is like a sonar detector, it’s also a beam splitter too. What does that mean? Well, it “sees” or registers the patterns of light first of all. So, it’s looking for familiar patterns, in weather, in behaviours, in relation to certain topics, all these are patterns of light waves that’s are from sound waves, that they are all waves nonetheless. So, the 3rd eye has a databank of wave patterns that it cross references, with whatever wavelengths are being presented. It does this a bit like a prism splits light into separate bands with space between the colour wavelengths. So it spaces each colour band into separate stripes. Not only that, it allows them to reconfigure or assemble back to what is being presented. So in some ways it acts like a lens. You can allow light to pass through the lens, but also you can bounce off it as a separate exact copy stream, or more like refracted as another beam of that light at the same time for analysis.

Not only this splitting of the light, it also reconfigures it back to its original state of presentation. So that once reconfigured, it can focus on looking at the whole pattern registered as presented initially. That way as it is split then merged back, one can apply more attention to the patterns that are new to the observer, or patterns that display some sort of irregularity, or contradictions, or that are flagged up by your observational bias. Remember all of life is subjective.

The Inferometer part assesses the gravity and spin of the photons etc you are receiving off the thing your attention is upon.

The 3rd Eye Triangulates
The convergence of information from different sources.

“Triangulation refers to the use of multiple methods or data sources in qualitative research to develop a comprehensive understanding of phenomena”.
Patton, 1999

Many Forms
Triangulation is used in many other ways in psychology or research or mathematics etc, but I am not talking about triangulation in those terms. I am talking from the physics and spiritual and consciousness aspect.

The interesting aspect to the “3rd Eye” is how it is depicted in art and global cultures, in the various faiths and religions. It’s also used in occult and dark practices too, occult meaning hidden. Also hidden because it’s an advantage to know how to activate and use the 3rd eye, so the knowledge was occluded, meaning hidden. So not necessarily because it was evil, but more like because secret societies covered up and used the knowledge to suit their own gains. So, it was used for nefarious things and not because it was evil to open up the 3rd eye.
This knowledge was never hidden completely though, through certain religions and long used practices and people who kept the knowledge alive, it passed on into more of the public’s awareness, and now today, many people are becoming aware that their 3rd eye is awakening and being activated, or just becoming aware of their extra sensory perception, and don’t even know it’s part each of our individual ascension path.

Heart, Mind & Gut
Using your 3rd eye in connection with your heart mind and gut instincts.
When you are able to tune into your instincts, your gut feelings about things, that is your body talking to you. Sending your heart and mind messages.

Heart & 3rd Eye
The heart knows what feels right from what feels wrong. Your emotions are key, if you still have a good heart, then you will know what hurts you and what hurts others, you don’t need to be told what is right and what is wrong. Any good heart does not like it when others are being hurt or manipulated, or when someone else tries to hurt or manipulate your heart. So you will feel emotionally when your heart feels that something is not right. The heart informs the gut, and the 3rd eye works with both your mind and gut in a form of triangulation. A way to “feel” into situations and whether it is something that love would do or not. An emotional being with a good nervous system and wisdom, can discern if whatever they are focusing upon is good for their heart or not. It really depends on how emotional one is, and whether those emotions control the mind, or that there is balance, and you use your heart as a rudder to steer your decisions calmly, and not reactively, and using your emotions as guides, not as controllers.

Mind & 3rd Eye

Silence & stillness are how your mind receives incoming informational vibrational frequency channels best. The mind is not in the brain, the brain is a product of the Mind. So think of the Mind as being able to access the whole quantum or Source Field that is generating it. In that interconnectedness with the field or fabric of space and time, the mind can go beyond just reading the end resulting expression of energy, in light form, and go deeper into the type of energy that’s generating that light form’s expression.

The mind is outside of your physical body, as well as within it. Your mind is a part of your consciousness which is projecting your physical body. The way it works is that all the universe is consciousness, and through that the mind is projected and through the mind the body is projected. So whatever the mind focussed upon, will then reflect back the matching frequency and it’s reality.
So what you are is what you think. If the mind is not balanced and looking as objectively as it can from all sides, it will not be able to assess the situation properly and not gain full understanding. So, to able to see all sides, to entertain them without attachment, but as a way to look at something fully in the round. So, using your 3rd eye to perceive deeper into things is the proper use of your minds inner sight, “insight”. It’s no good just looking at things on just a surface level, as with a balanced mind, one can look at the vibrations of something at a deeper level too, and most people don’t use this ability of their mind, because usually most minds are stuck in the duality psychology and not the “Triality” of being in neutral space.

Gut & 3D Eye
You know when something doesn’t feel right, when it seems off, or odd in some way. That could be in an environment or location, it could be from a self-realisation, or it could be from the emanations of vibrational frequencies that are coming off someone. Somehow you know you have no proof of anything yet and it could all be just you making it up, but somehow you have rationalised yourself to check and it’s not that but something else, you can’t quite put your finger on, but you know you feel it. That is your intuition kicking in and now alertly scanning the situation.

So using your Heart, Mind & Gut in connection with your 3rd Eye is essential for seeing and reading the energy of something deeper and more fully.

Your Heart is a feeling detector, is it loving when in joy, or not loving when hurt.

Your Mind is a probe of the connotations of what is presented on a deeper level than what is presenting itself on the surface.

And your Gut is used to inform you of your body’s instincts and the vibrational aspect to what is being presented to you.

All in connection with your 3rd eye allows for triangulation on many levels. Not just height, width and depth perception in the physical 3D space, but also the vibrations of something in that 3D space, and its motives and intentions behind the surface presentation. It can also help you assess whether what is presented is trying to be deceptive, or manipulate, or whether it is sincere and genuine.
When using your 3rd eye awareness, you are accessing the Unified Source Field, and so accessing data from the same origin as what is creating you and the object of your attention. So even if someone or something is presented as something, you are able to see it’s true nature underneath the surface layer.

-Your Heart, discerns if it is positive or negative intentions
-Your Mind, discerns what is the level of those intentions
-Your Gut, discerns whether to trust the intention or not.

Your 3rd Eye connected with heart, mind and gut, will assess all three areas and triangulate your heart, mind and gut together to inform your awareness, through the various messages coming from your body, through feelings in your heart, and through intelligence through your mind and through instinct from your gut.

Your Mind, your heart and your gut all have photonic light receptors and also emit a certain amount of light. These organs each share common traits with the 3rd eye, they also have neuronal cells, allowing them to literally “think” for themselves with intelligence.

If you are using your 3rd eye awareness regularly like any other muscle, because it is open and active, then these processes will become more natural and just become the normal constant way of being, where you don’t have to think, as the universe in oneness within you will provide the true state of what is presented to you, and if you are listening to it properly, then this is the best way to create an ever expanding consciousness and will help you to unlock more of your true divine perceptive abilities.

So, when activated, the 3rd eye can read into the energy of things beyond our perception of normal visible light, it can feel the vibes, it can intuit whether whatever it’s focussed upon is friend, neutral or foe. It can read into the past, the future and the present moment, it can detect danger or safe energy. It acts like a radar and works a bit like an X-Ray machine to see through and into things.

To truly unlock your 3rd eye, you will have to truly learn how to observe yourself. You have to become extremely self-aware. You will need to tune into those subtle energies you are receiving, but also you need to become aware of your own subtle energies that you are creating or generating. This, when done with self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love, allows for more understanding of the two-way channel of energies connecting you to all things, and all things connected to you. It also helps the heart and mind coherence and gives you more clarity of a holistic “vision” when making your decisions.

Matt Bell