Star Time Maps,
Temporal Charts
Or just “Time Maps” as they are known to Star Family, are maps based on convergence points of activity, within a full electromagnetic energy scalar-wave spectrum, of a Lyran time/space construct.

Time maps are just showing where we are currently on the Past-Present-Future timelines based on one’s own consciousness level of perception of time and space.

Time as it is understood on Earth, is a false human construct, it is based on the movements of planet Earth and as such, Earth time does not then apply on other planets with different planetary dynamics. Time on Earth is considered linear, whereas time is more fluid than the human scientific version of what time is.


Star Family use Frequency Maps, for Stellar Navigation, and other purposes of exploration etc. A frequency map is not easy to transmit or to translate to a human consciousness yet because training has to be given as to how they work, so that’s why there are also temporal maps or Time Maps. These are a way of imparting information to you that can be more understandable.


So time as you know it on Earth is based on the rotation around the sun, to go full circle in its orbit, divided into 24 time zones, with a longitudinal North to South, and a Latitudinal, East to West grid.

You see time as ever passing seconds never to be lived again, whereas Star Family see time as a construct to explain duration of things. It is only when you notice a change in something do you call it a name or label and say it’s changed from before, like from pregnant to birth, or from alive to dead. It’s only a change that is noticed and so you have concepts like beginning and end, start and finish etc.


Time only started when the idea of time was created, before this invention for a concept or idea of time, time did not ever exist. So time and its meaning, only started when the concept of it started. But with the concept of time, the human consciousness sees a beginning of time, which is based on a false abstract, because the universe has always existed, and so has the physicality of it. So the hardest aspect to understand about time, is that time does not really exist and the universe never “started”, which is another false human concept to apply to duration or to the Universe.

There was a great expansion of life out into the Universe at one point yes, but the “Big Bang” theory was made up by Georges Lemaitre (1894-1966) So the scientific field has tried to fit the physics into this model but found inconsistencies that left out certain physics observations. Einstein also and others since have found that time and space are something completely different instead.

Quantum mechanics, uncertainty principle, double slit experiment, and many more experiments since have started to change the way time is understood.


Time as you know it, is actually a lot more interesting, it can loop on itself, split or twist on itself and it is a fractal but also can stretch, it can compress, it can stop or slow down or speed up. Time oscillates and can loop involuted on itself, and even repeat itself in cycles. There is also that all time is playing itself out, all at once. It is within itself and it can mirror, distort, bend and much more, time is actually non existent, unless it is observed by the observer and then it is relative to the observation of the observer.


Time is duration, and duration is just calculations of moving bodies like the Sun and the Moon. So we can measure time with a Sun and its movements, a sundial measures the shadow cast by the sun, so you can measure the distance of that shadow over a duration of a day. So on earth there is a direct correlation between that duration (time) and the distance (space) the shadow has moved by. You can calculate time with motion or distance.


Time is measured differently with Star Family, with Stellar Navigation, as mentioned above, Star Family use Frequency Maps instead, they use the relationship of one body to another, much like Astrologers and Astronomers do. This is a more accurate way of gauging duration for such things as hyper speed and other travelling speeds according to what propulsion technology is used. All of the Universe can be calculated using Base 12 mathematical principles, along with the physics of the Unified Source Field. So travelling is also done by dematerialising in one location and materialising in the other new location you wish to be at. Using the dominant frequency of the location based on its mathematical properties. Or the calculated environment of the location at a set time in space and matching that energetic frequency. Which means that there is no space, there is a type of folding of space from one location to another. So travelling using this method does not require physically travelling “distances”, because all locations are available at all times with knowledge of their various frequencies within a whole body of the universe.


Each person is their own time bubble, they are their own time zone. Have you noticed how some people are running faster and some slower? Some are always in a rush and some people are laid back. This is because we each are our own time zone, we have varying degrees of time from one another. So we carry our own time with us, if we go into rushed environments and we are laid back, then we feel the time compress, if we are in a rush and enter in a laid back environment or time zone, time feels stretched and extra slow.

Time is fluid, to prove this the example of time in your dreams, time is dynamic and not specific to duration, you can change an egg to hatch and grow to be a hen in seconds etc or just change it. So time is not quite as you were taught it was, and so these maps can help you to understand the nature of time and space as you see it, with an explanation of how Star Family understands what time and space are, and how they use it to travel, or appear in different locations in time.

So time is relevant to the observer, but also relative to what it is measured by, and also the medium in which it is observed.

Map 1

Evil expands, catastrophic event, evil starts to dominates the Universe. Evil dominates the Universe. A group goes back in time to trace where evil started and discover its source. Group arrives at the Present to change the future.

See Map 01 for more details on prevailing timeline 1.

Map 2

Evil expands, catastrophic event, evil starts to dominates the Universe. Evil dominates the Universe. Evil goes back in time to the start of evil to keep it from being stopped.

See Map 02 for more details on prevailing timeline 2.

The Past 
Is just memory and nostalgia
It does not exist

The Future 
Is just Projection and anticipation
It does not exist

The Present 
Both the Past and Future are both carried around with you in your present now self only.
The Present is always changing from one state to another.
All of life exists in this NOW.


Empires rise and fall, whole galaxies of countless civilisations on countless worlds get swallowed whole and swirled. Galaxies and Nebula collide, in an oscillating fractal spiral flow of the universe.

All is in constant fluctuation, change is the only constant within the order there is the illusion of chaos. All we have is the eternal NOW moments.

For the understanding of those with eyes to see. The Maps are based on the conceits of Dimensions and their corresponding densities and that both positive & negative, light & dark, are just 2 aspects to the same entity. That to understand both polarities one is the neutral observer of both dark and light and the gradients between are valued by you the observer. You are observing all of time and all of space, all simultaneously. Much as there is both day and night together on this planet, as there are both planet North & South poles too. Everything has a gradient from two extremes, but where does one begin and the other end? In the neutral space between, and you as a traveller in time and space are that neutral space observer of all time and all space, having a human experience. So within both are the constant pendulum swings from one to another, cycles and loops etc.

So although these Maps represent Good vs Evil on simplistic terms, there are gradients of which has created a swing one way and then a swing the other way. This play of good vs evil, light vs dark, will play out for eternity in varying degrees. You cannot have light without dark, the two have to coexist. You as the observer are the valuer of which is which.