Who accredits or defines someone with being “Enlightened?” What course do you take to get “Enlightened” or “illuminated?”

None is the true answer.
This is because it is only ever achieved through self-realisation and cannot ever be given to you by someone else.

The reasons being is that it is a subjective individual process, where through trauma, you come to resolve any and all internal conflicts that are within you, from your thoughts about those things, will arise a division, but the division is only from you. That you become aware of the internal triggers to release them and thus set yourself free of their hold on your mind.

Which all takes time and with the process of various life experiences and awareness of knowing oneself in those various learning experiences, usually through some form of trauma and or very challenging life situations and circumstances.

To be able to overcome one’s life challenges, to be able to control one’s ego and emotions and become self-aware. This is being in control of your mind and your thoughts, allowing these thoughts to come and go without affecting your behaviour and reactions. As you observe them passing, you will choose which is important or not.

This self-awareness and self-acceptance raises your kundalini, along with breathwork and this opens your 3rd eye, elevating your frequency of vibration, which empowers you to use your own self authority with gut instincts as your guide in coherence with your heart.
You come into both brain lobe harmonics when you integrate both dark with light inside you and then you reach “Hemisphere -Synchronicity, illumination or become enlightened. “Hey Presto!”
Um, ..well, not quite. This is only just the start of enlightenment and not the end in the slightest, it’s the beginning of a new journey into a new 5D world, it’s not a journey that’s with a final destination, it is just the start of a series of gateways that you pass through.

The point to raise about being, or becoming or thinking you are enlightened is that there is no way of knowing you are enlightened unless you feel it, but not from ego. As you have control over your emotions too.
So only you personally know if you are so. You are also able to permit yourself to feel that your state of being is possibly enlightened too and also not feel like you are being arrogant because you would not be questioning if you are arrogant unless you were humble, because there is no other way or measure or certification for it.

So relying on people who are under hive mind mental slavery to judge if you are enlightened, or have an opinion that the person in question is “enlightened” is to still rely on lower consciousness, a lower vibrational beings to tell if you or someone else is a person who is “enlightened” is not the right source to use as the chooser or decision maker should not be the decision maker on matters that they have no experience of, or know about.

It’s like asking a child with their first bike who has only just learned to peddle a bike without falling off, their advice on riding a 500cc Sports bike if they are doing it correctly? So, they would not be able to distinguish who is, or who isn’t enlightened, as they are not enlightened enough themselves through going within from experiences and serious challenges of life, to see and understand someone who has gone through their shadow work and inner child work after said traumatic life experiences, to still choose love and self-love. All of that inner work cannot be seen by any other than yourself.

Also with Enlightenment, it is not the mountain peak, the pinnacle or final destination, there is no final destination to reach, no, enlightenment is a gate you reach, the first of many ongoing gates or steps or stages of development, it is a continual process of self-realisations then integration of that new knowledge and then development by living it through your authentic heart based self, attached to nothing but connecting to everything all at once continually, and being in love with all of life. So it’s continual self-development with the love of learning and emotional intelligence to cause the least conflict with your thoughts, words and actions by being constantly conscious of your output and living in maximum unity with yourself and all things.

“Enlighten” (bring light within) “ment” (the mind). To bring light into the mind.

And what is light? It is information.

You do this with learning knowledge and applying it to the world, then in knowing yourself by that application of your growing knowledge, then informs your conscious awareness and that then continually expands your consciousness levels.

You become aware of all sorts of things and how their energy processes work. You are able to predict the future or discover new things from the past. You are fully present in your eternal now moment and know that all is as it should be. That the binding energy of love is the source of creation and that you are part of that one divine whole system.

So please remember that, again it is not for anyone else to say whether you have achieved enlightenment or not. This is because they have not reached it and are trying to dictate who can and who can’t be enlightened. When they have more than likely not done any inner work and are understanding reality from the 3D ego mindset of separation and duality. They think that they are superior enough to say what enlightenment is and what it isn’t.

Yes, one could say that to describe it here too, is also a form of arrogance, because by doing that, it makes it limited again through certain concepts, when the paths to enlightenment are infinite.

Only you will know deep down within that you have become an enlightened being, as you explore the deeper meanings of nature. You find your own way there and before you’ve realised it, you have reached it and it’s beginning stages.