Your Body
Your body is made out of energy, it flows into into you and then radiates out of you, as you. Within your body there are various energy flows and energy concentration points, these energy “nodes” are fed by the flow of energy to and from them by Nadi’s, which are like little filaments feeding into the various Chakras.

These energy centres or nodes are many, and they are all throughout your body. There are ones facing out of your front and ones facing out of your back, there are even Chakras in the palms of your hands. For ease of understanding how the Chakras work, we will just concentrate con the 7 main Chakras running up the centre of your body. From bottom Chakra (Root) to the Top one, the Crown Chakra.

Chakras are energy pools flowing through your body, like water flowing through pools down a creek, except it’s the cosmic energy of the Universe flowing through your body instead.

This flow is like a stream of water that flows through and into seven different pools. The 7 pools are like your 7 Chakras, Which are spiralling and flowing energy centres in your body.

A flowing stream that doesn’t have any blockages in its pools, allows the flow to swirl around inside the pool revitalising it and flowing out on its way through to the next pool.

If there was nothing else around, it would flow nice and pure, freely and clear, but sometimes things get in the way, and life can get complicated. Sometimes these pools can get blocked by leaves, sticks and twigs and other things that fall into the pool, which then makes pool slow, blocked and then the water stagnates and then it looses all of it’s life-force.

But if we unblock the paths between pools then the energy flows on.

Our thoughts can be like the leaves, sticks and debris that fils-up the pool and blocks it’s flow onwards. So it is important to review and upgrade your chakras regularly, as a type of checklist for assessing where you are currently and where you need to do some more work on yourself. Going through the Chakra Flow helps you to find where something needs identifying, and clearing, and then releasing, to unblock the pool (your mind) and make room for the new energies and new outcomes when flow is again restored.

There are 7 chakras that go up the body, each chakra has a purpose and can be blocked by a kind of emotional debris.

Be warned!, opening up the Chakras is intense, and once you start, you have to open up all 7 of them, you should not stop once you have started.

The Chakras

Their attributes, and ways to clear any energy blockages to allow flow of energy through them properly functioning.

1- Earth Chakra

Base of the Spine.
It deals with Survival.
It is blocked by Fears.

Face your fears.
Q. “What are you most afraid of?”
You must let your fears become clear to you.

You are concerned for your survival, but you must surrender those fears.

Fear is just the absence of light, or not knowing, it is the darkness created that you let in when you gave away to let fear inside you.

We all die and pass over in the end, many die before they have even lived, and whilst still alive, and are to fearful to live like they never will die. We are here as our own witness to our self, life is short and temporary, whatever causes you fear now, will pass, and not last forever, unless you keep it alive forever within you and feeding it your thoughts and attentions, so release them and let your fears flow down the creek to let the light of awareness back into you.

2 – Water Chakra

Located in the Sacrum
Deals with Pleasure
Blocked by Guilt.

Think of all of the guilt that currently burdens you.
Q.”What do you blame yourself for?”

Accept the reality that these things have happened, but do not let them cloud and poison your energy.

Think it all of the things that make you feel guilty, and forgive yourself for all of them, and let them flow down the creek.

If you are going to be a positive influence on the world, then you need to to be able to forgive yourself. Forgiveness is a hidden superpower that is in your control to give or not, and is not in anyone else’s control. You hold only on to the things until you know that only you alone have the power to forgive them when you choose, and release them. Forgiving yourself releases their hold upon you, and lets them flow on out of you.

Nobody wants to hold on to these feelings unless they enjoy suffering, all one has to realise that forgiving yourself helps release the hold on your past. Each new day is a chance to start over as the you that you choose to be. If you keep holding on to guilt it will eat you up. So release it, you can forgive yourself and let those old thoughts and feelings flow down the creek.

3 – Fire Chakra

Located in the stomach
Deals with Willpower
Blocked by Shame.

Q.”What are you ashamed of, what are your biggest disappointments in yourself?”

You will never find balance, if you deny this shame part of your life. You must recognise you are on a constant learning path.

You have a Soul, a Spirit, a Sacred Heart, therefore you are a divine being of light, being constantly regenerated from Source. Therefor you did what you knew best, and with the best knowledge you had at the time, and with the only resources you had at the time.

You would have done it perhaps differently with what you know now. But if you forget those experiences and deny them then you deny all your wisdom that came to you with them. Which is what brought you to be who you are here and now.

The Master Teacher has made many more mistakes than the student has, the Master Teacher has only come to that status through trial and error. There is no such thing as failure, there is only learning and success. Release your disappointment about yourself, as nobody else is holding that judgement of you, but they will see you in the same judgement of yours if they see that is your script you operate on. You are only disappointed because you knew you could do things a better way or had false expectations or hopes that were not met. Everyone has these, but only when they can accept that they are on a constant path of self discovery and learning, which includes challenges and obstacles do they release their disappointments and self shame.
When you find “Self Respect” first, you start to be given respect from others after.

Release all your Shame down the river.

4 – Heart Chakra

Green Colour
Located in the Heart
Deals with love
Blocked by Grief.

Lay all your grief, out in front of you.
You have indeed felt a great loss, but remember that love itself is a form of energy that swirls all around us and can never die.

All of those beings love for you has not left this world, it is still in this world and it is still in your heart, and it is reborn, in the form of new love.
Let the pain flow away, down the creek.

You have still to meet all the people that will love you in your life. The love of others is still held within the living you. They would not want you to feel sad for them, as they are still with you and would want you to celebrate the previous time that you did have with them. It makes them sad to see you sad about them. Is it not better to keep their spirit alive within you as joyous happy times that enriched your lives instead and and they left you their wisdom. That is what they would wish you are keeping their memories alive in good times not end times.
Release all your sadness, grief and loss, let it flow out of you and back to source. Let the joy of them live on in your heart and in others hearts they touched too.

5 – Sound Chakra

Blue Colour
Located in the Throat
Deals with Truth
Blocked by lies. (The ones we tell ourselves)
You cannot lie about your own nature, you must realise who you are with honesty.

You cannot run away from yourself, if you do not like who you are, you can always change who you are.

The greatest lies are the ones we tell ourselves, denying to ourselves that we are the main cause of our own suffering.

To be able to look at oneself with real honesty about the areas of our lives we pretend are ok but really are not, means that if you can face them, you can change them for the better aspects of oneself and upgrade oneself into a more evolved and aligned wit a more truthful authentic self.

Release your denial and the lies that you tell to yourself. Let them flow down the stream.

6 – Light Chakra

Located in the centre of the forehead
Deals with Insight
Blocked by Illusion.

The greatest illusion of this world, is the illusion of Separation. Things you think are separate and different, are actually one and the same.

We are all one people, connected consciousness’s, but we live as if we are divided, we are all connected, everything is connected. Even the separation of the four elements is an illusion. If you open your mind, you will see that all four parts are not separate, all four part are of the same one Whole, even metal that is part of Earth, has just been purified and refined.

The river runs down to the sea, into the ocean that creates clouds of rain that fall onto the earth that flows into rivers. All things considered separate are really all part of the same one. A magnet has two poles, but they are both part of the same one magnet.

You share consciousness and life energy with all things, as they do with you.
Release all illusions of separation

7 – Thought Chakra

Located at the Crown of the Head
It deals with Cosmic Energy
When you have mastered this you will be able to transcend the mind and body, into the spirit or etheric body, you will be able to transcend from one state to the other with complete control. You will be able to unify with Source as Source itself.

Complete control of your Thoughts and Actions

Blocked by Earthly Attachments

You are not the physical body, you are not the mind, you are not even your thoughts. You are the awareness of those things as an energy of consciousness. You cannot take any gold, land, or property, not any material possessions can come with you when you pass over.

You are just a temporary custodian, to experience what you are from what you are not.

Release all your Earthly attachments, by realising what is really of true value to you that no amount of money can buy.
Realise that all experience you have is sacred, that all life is divine and sacred. That the only things or value, are the ones that you cannot buy or manipulate. Friendships, romantic relationships, love and your unique experiences. That you are part of a grand play, where each day brings something new and each day is an opportunity to create new things and experiences. That the true value of your life is in the living of it and experiencing of it, to find its meaning within those life experiences.
The only place you are located is the Here, and the only time you are experiencing you in it, is the Now. If you can be present in the present moment with your awareness of your presence, then you are truly free of all physicality and fully aware of your own self activated divine being.