Coming Out of the Illusion, and into Illumination.

Phase 01 Ignorance of the Illusion

You believe everything that you are told and  you Trust the Government, Politicians, Scientists, Experts, Doctors, the news media etc. This is the caterpillar stage where you are happy with what ever is in front of you and are spoon fed information you then believe is your own opinion. Being in a constant state of distracted attention, either projected future or nostalgic past. Not really in the present moment. Reactive Ego state.
“To Me” Consciousness

Phase 02 Shifting Awareness

You start to see that what is said, is not what is done, You see that some of the things that were supposed to happen, didn’t materialise, you keep seeing that it’s more than just simple mistakes Organisations make, and start to realise it’s actually done on purpose. You start to see the contradictions in reality and from these you start to become more curious of why they are like that. You start to see that the Truths you once believed true were actually lies. This outrage sets off your motivation to look into all of what you know, and it’s validity.
“By Me” Consciousness

Phase 03 Transformation Within

You start researching what is actually truth, by going through your own beliefs. You re-evaluate all you thought you knew, and go through a rapid conscious awareness expansion process of learning new knowledge, of what are the more likely truths, than lies, and you also understand more and more of these lies that you once believed true. This is the cocoon stage of rewriting who you are internally and who you prefer to become.
“Through Me” Consciousness

The Phase03 state of Consciousness is when you start to become self aware and so your state of collective unconscious becomes self aware as an individual critical thinking consciousness.

Phase 04 Divine Expansion

You realise that all of life is interconnected, that you were part of the illusion creating these contracts and conflicts, agreements and decisions based on a limited awareness. That you are no longer that person and have come out of the illusion to find the true inner understanding of reality and you are Source itself, having a human experience. That all is temporary and impermanent, that you are an eternal being and and divine oneness. This is the butterfly stage where you break free of the illusion and start to fly your authentic beautiful unique colours, a free divine being as Source
“As Me” Consciousness

Only Ever Self Realised

These are the 4 stages of Ascension or Awakening. Each person is on their own path through these 4 stages. Some will remain in their stage for many lifetimes, some will move through these 4 stages in just one lifetime. All humans on Earth are moving through these 4 stages, whether in this lifetime or in the next, everyone goes though the levels at the right stages of their soul journey and at the correct time for the individual, and that they are only ever self realised subjective truths. No one can make you realise what you realise and understand what is false and what is truth. Your truth may be different to another’s truth and sane for lies. So the 4 stages of consciousness are only ever driven by the attention and motivation of the individual, and their own abilities to pay attention to their self development. This desire to evolve one’s consciousness and seek more truth has to come from the individual.

Consciousness is a funny thing, how does one describe the All of Everything and Nothing?” without limiting it in some way. Because in the attempt of describing it, one will have to ignore other specifics that are related, and because all is relative to the individual.