Aether, or also spelled as Ether.

Aether is just latent energy potential.
It is all energies, at all frequencies and all vibrations of the whole universe.

It is non physical medium of the whole energy field in which all physical things are manifest from.

Nothing is outside of Aether, as all things, from the non visible or non material, to the physical material of everything, is contained within Aether.

Other Names

The Astral
Spirit Realm
The higher & Lower Dimensions
Source Information Field
The Collective unconsciousness and the collective consciousness
Great Spirit
The Creator
The Quantum Field

The Medium

Imagine a medium that is like a gigantic ball of water. It’s clear, so it’s very difficult to see it with your own eyes, or feel it with your other senses. It’s like an invisible field or ball of water, and because you are within it, as part of it, you are so used to it, that you have forgotten it’s there. All of life, including you, and everything you see as physical matter is manifest in this Aether. Yet you call it air, or atmosphere, or outer space. Aether permeates through and as all things.

So from this invisible medium anything and everything is created. Aether is the base of all physical matter.

What Creates Aether?

Consciousness is the collective sum of all things and all life, being, manifest through matching frequencies and being reincarnated, being born, living a life of various experiences, blossoming, then fading or decaying, and then dying. Were all returns to the Aether and the endless infinite eternal possibilities again.
So all of the collective of every single thing is Consciousness, this is the whole collective consciousness of all of the unique fractal consciousnesses it creates of itself infinitely.

Aether coalesces frequencies into mass, from waves to particles and also depending on who is observing this new coalescing point or concept generating more of itself.
So what does that mean in simple terms? Well all is Consciousness, so all is born from Mind, a mind or, two minds, such as your parents, or many minds, as with collective agreements.
So at some point, a mind or minds, came up with the thought of something, this then generated a concept in the collective or individuals consciousness, which then through the means of manifestation, became more of a collection of ideas added to the initial concept, which is now starting to generate a set of collapsing interference waves in on themselves, which by virtue of the wave, forms particles, what you call physical material matter. From this point more complex structure is formed as the frequencies coalesce into forming neutrons, protons, electrons, atoms, molecules, making elements, that then form together and become more structured through implosive forces at all points around its centre, which is it’s own point of attention.

So the answer is:
Consciousness creates Aether and Aether creates Consciousness.

Collecting Concepts

As these concepts or collection of a set of ideas gather even more ideas about themselves, (momentum) they form into that matching set of combined frequencies to the DNA Crystal, which is our antenna array in the case of a living being. Which then starts to broadcast that signal into the physical visible material world, and forms into that unique energy signature.

Unique Energy Signature

This energy signature is a unique broadcast signal into the physical world, that came about through the dynamics of coalescing frequencies to form mass, that that manifests itself within the Etheric field.
From the non physical, to the physical, as a unique broadcast.
A ball of energy in the form of you within your unique toroidal energy field..
So Aether is the medium in which all probability and all possibility’s take place from cause and effect for infinity. It is the medium of latent potential that can form into physicality or not.


The Fabric of the Universe

Imagine that you and all of everything you could ever know, is all contained within one whole unified system. Now think of that whole system being able to create everything, including you. This is what Aether is and does.

Within this whole universe there is a type of medium which is a high frequency type of water. Aether is always constantly in fluctuation throughout, with frequencies and vibration, this fluctuation is a “constant” and this is because energy never dies, it just transforms into something else.

So if you can imagine this Aether as like a fabric of space, with all sorts of various energy expressions interacting with each other. Nothing in the Aether is static or separate from anything else, because all are part of the same body of Aether within the whole.

If you can imagine a mesh, a slither of Aether represented as a fabric mesh. The distortion in the mesh shows where the energy is forming. Now if you can imagine that fluctuating mesh changing shapes.

In the formation of an idea or concept, this starts to draw in energy to a singularity or point of attention, which then starts to generate more of itself as more energies coalesce into that point of attention. As the point of attention grows, so too does the energy of its attraction that pulls more energy within. This becomes an energy node where more structure is concentrating together from its own attracting force pulling things into it.

The convergence or mixing together of these energies creates interference patterns of various infinite frequencies and vibration, which form a type of standing wave.

Through this process of coalescing frequencies, sound is part of the formation processes and then formation into light and that is called physicality.

Through the process of consciousness and thought, comes the initial new concept that then pools information about itself from the Aether and gathers itself together into even more complex structures which generate their own energy field from their unique broadcast channel or stream or chord that Aether starts to stream.

The Double Slit Experiment proves we are the whole source, but looking at the whole source (ourself) from a single point of attention. The narrative about it being proof of a hologram and we are within a simulation is not correct. We are the creator of this reality because it is all being generated by us.

When you realise that all is within this medium that generated you and your point of attention, that it generates all life and all life is consciousness from different points of attention, that within this medium called Aether is all of you and that you are all of it, then you are as one with it.

fig 01.

A slither of Aether, with vibrational waves on a flat mesh.

fig 02.

The vibration and waves travel in all different angles and directions interacting with each other.

fig 03.

All vibrational frequencies are contained within the Aether as latent potential energy that turns into an expression then fades and returns to latent potential.

fig 04.

Like waves that form particles, that then act as waves, the Aether is a complex mathematical soup of ever changing interactions.

fig 05

Aether is a version of high frequency water, it’s also pure collective consciousness. The mesh is now blue to represent its water like qualities.

fig 06.

Mesh same as above but with surface properties to show it’s water like qualities with vibrational waves.

fig 07.

An idea or concept is generated within the Aether. This creates a distortion in the Aether field that then stars to attract more substance.

fig 08.

As more of the concept attracts more energy, it starts to coalesce with negentropy, and an energy node is formed.

fig 09.

Here is a selection of flat planes arranged to show the process of all forces coming together, perpendicular to its angle of momentum, and this creates a spheroid or more accurately, a toroid immersion electromagnetic energy field. From which Leptons, Muons, Neutrinos, quarks, photons, protons, electrons, neutrons etc are formed to make molecules than elements which bond to make more and more structure.”