Clones- What to look out for
  • Human clones tend to have fused earlobes, so not dangly types, and a larger left eye which may be a false eye camera.
  • They also have dysfunctional appendages and organs, such as a dead arm or one that swings wildly when walking.
  • They have rolling eyes (not from a reaction of being fed up)eyes literally rolling around and around in the sockets and they often have rolling tongues.
  • Human clones do not have the same divine light and power direct from source as humans do, and they cannot form new synapses after 3 months without a recharge.
  • Human clones tend to share the same artificial back history of how they grew up as this is a pre-programmed inserted narrative into their subconscious.
  • Human clones tend to be unable to show genuine empathy and are more on the narcissistic scale of personality. Lacking emotional intelligence and preferring to mimic emotion rather than actually feel it genuinely.
  • Clones have a tendency to rape and or bite people as their consciousness is low, regressive and usually operating on predatory survival instincts.
  • Human Alien clones have a waxy skin sheen and often their skin looks an odd colour.
These are some of the ways that you can spot human clones and human-alien hybrids. Human/Alien Hybrids – What to look out for
  • Alien/Human Hybrids tend to be larger than the normal human size, or have odd proportions to them that are not of a golden ration scale. So like longer arms and shorter legs, longer necks etc.
  • An example of animal hybrids to show as example of scale being increased from hybridisation are the Lion and Tiger crossbreeds. Which create an hybrid animal called a Liger.
  • Human/Alien hybrids also lack compassionate or positive empathic skills, but more narcissistic or calculated robotic logic with no feelings of compassion or types of empathy or sympathy. No sense of humour, some have an overly extrovert ego type, dominating over other people’s voices as the charismatic type.
  • They also have a tendency to bite and or rape too, both clones and hybrids can be very violent.
These are just some of the ways you can identify possible non-human types. I do stress though that we should all treat every “person” we interact with as our equals, and do not go down the road of continuing division by trying to think you can identify these types as 100% certain, because you cannot possibly know for certain. So just treat this as useful information, as an extra new awareness of the variables that may present to you in your life and reality. It’s a rough guide. So that you are now made more aware of what to look out for, and are more protected from these possible interactions. Able to make more informed risk assessments rather than be making decisions from a dear base. Clones In the Movies The movie “Hardcore Henry” explains how they use clones and transfer different, or the same original consciousness copied and pasted programmed) from one original to another clone. The movie is very fast paced, violent and a gory film, so viewer discretion is advised please, especially children under 16 it’s not suitable. Also, the movie “The Boys from Brazil” explains about the Nazi cloning technique and technology that was done too btw, same viewer discretion advised for younger minds please. There are 2 ways to grow a clone
  • 1. From an embryo at birth.
  • 2. From skin cells taken from an individual to be cloned so they have Mitochondrial DNA and generate the new clone from those cultured originals cells.
During the development of the clone, they can be rapidly aged to any age required, also fed with all diet requirements to any height, size or required weight to match the original. If needed to replace the original. Yes, everyone who is a natural human being has a twin flame. Or dual energetic process from Source.  Clones, synthetics and alien human hybrids though, do not. With clones it is a very faint internal light, but not really connected to Source, and not enough to sustain a long lifespan or without degenerating fast. With Human/Alien hybrids it’s slightly more internal light, but again it’s very low light that powers the consciousness of the hybrid, which makes it lack emotions other than the simplistic ones. Being a cross breed, therefore not a natural creature, depending on the hybrid, will depend on the hybrid needing assistance to live, or nature will ensure it doesn’t, and so will depend also on the cross breeds inherited traits for survival and adaptation. Natural Humans So, every divine natural human has both the twin energies of masculine and feminine within them and dark and light within them. They have the power of imagination and creation within them. They have feelings and emotions and natural empathy and compassion for other life. Natural humans naturally go to help others without seeking reward. They are like other turtles that flip over the one stuck on its back, it’s only natural to help others. Clone and Human/Alien Hybrid Behaviours Clones, Alien human hybrids do not have this capacity and are on the regressive side of behaviour. Low IQ with very simple thought processes, selfish, with an angry or serious expression. They take themselves very seriously and are very simple minded, ego centric more so in hybrids as behaviour is more programmed in clones. Eventually the soul of the clone, its own individual other self, will try to push out the inserted consciousness of its original version. If you clone a person, that clone will then have its own soul that will want to come in through the low light from Source. Difficult to explain, a cloned soul is created when you create a physical clone (copy), yet the soul is not in the body copy clone, it’s in the aether, or spirit realm, so when I say a clone has no soul, that’s true as they are a generated lifeform copy that is an empty vessel or like a living empty container. It’s like an inventor making a new car, the car runs on his special fuel. He then makes a second copy of his new car but dies after. Now the second car is an exact double of the first, but it has no special inventors fuel in it to work. So, you put a little fuel from the original car into the copy, it makes the second copy work. The fuel is connection to Source, the car being the original body and the copy of the car being a replica clone of the original. Synthetic humans are just copies of the real human but only mimicry and shallow with no consciousness within them, unless using organic neurons as its bio ai functioning, so then it may contain a consciousness or many consciousnesses. There are also synthetic humans that have a robotic frame-like skeleton and a flesh outer exterior. Some of the people who manufacture clones have called them “sleeves” meaning that they just are containers for consciousnesses to animate and use. Copying Consciousnesses  It was discovered by dark projects, that you can copy someone’s consciousness. All their unique signature brainwave activity, frequency of vibration. When neuroscience developed devices like the encephalograph and ways to read a subject’s brain wave and neural pathways to create a copy of a person’s consciousness. They can then copy that on to a DVD disc, and then implant that subconscious neural network and copy of the original consciousness insert the copy and the clone is then programmed with that copied consciousness, although, not completely all, as it’s a clone and will not be able to use the finer frequencies like the original version. Clones thinking They are Original So essentially you have a clone of an original with a copy of the originals Consciousness in the clone. So, the clone then thinks it is the original and behaves in that way, unless shown or told or programmed otherwise. Gene Technology With the advent of the CRISPR technology of gene manipulation, there will be many more new lifeforms arising from basement laboratories, some people are already releasing their biological hybrids into the wild too, which I disagree with, as it is playing god and disrupting the different natural ecosystems. There is nothing new about clones really, if you think about it, what are twins? If not but clones of each other, the same cell line split during development and created two beings from one fertilised egg. Some twins are identical, and some are not. But no two twins, identical or not, will have the same life experiences and thoughts and pathology. Each twin will have its own unique life and experiences. So, clones are a product of nature and not anything new exactly. With the birth of an intelligent species comes the need to replicate what inspires the intelligent species, it’s just a result of humanity learning about biology, technology, and the world around it, then allying that knowledge in both harmful and healing ways. Like anything, genetic manipulation can be used to kill or used to heal. It depends on the minds that are behind it.