The whole Universe is one contained and continually expanding energy system.
Within it is a spectrum of energy frequencies, like waves on an ocean, and like water it doesn’t mix with other things like oil, this is because they are at different densities of gravity to each other or because they have different properties that separates them from one another. Just as the atmosphere has a different density to the oceans, you can also see the boundary between the sea and the sky, which is the horizon. The atmosphere is one “band” of frequencies of gasses, at a certain density, or densities and temperatures, and the planet’s atmosphere is of a different density to the ocean, as it’s a gas and not as a liquid. Just as a rainbow is also made of different bands of colour, as light is split into the separated colour wavelengths through a prism, these are all layers or bands or densities of energy frequencies, which form the density of the medium, whether solid, liquid, gas, plasma, light and sound too in the form of frequencies. Which are all various wavelengths or vibrational frequencies operating within their various density layers.

Like a rainbow or a Prism splits light into its separate colours, which explains the various coloured “bands” which make up the colour wavelengths of the rainbow, so too does the Aether also vibrate at certain bands of frequencies. These various frequencies form the various different densities. These frequencies are like waves in the ocean, all sorts of different types of waves, and smaller waves on the top of the bigger waves, with even smaller waves on those ones etc.
Waves coming together from all directions and in all sorts of various force and momentum, and always in constant motion. This is the same for frequencies, for all the various frequencies of the Electromagnetic Energy Spectrum. All of these various frequencies are called “Scalar Waves” and are of various energy formations and systems and patterns etc. From all of this dynamic and constant flow there comes order and within that order there also comes chaos, like dark & light, both have to coexist. One to contrast the other, and also to constantly perpetuate the other. As they are both part of the whole system and dynamic flow of the Universe and its flow through you too.

So, Dimensions are bands of energy and the frequencies that generate various states of sound & light physics within its medium, or in other words, dimensions are types of reality, or environments, perceived in different ways.

These densities are formed by flow of energy to create those processes of motion formation and flow energy forms which manifest within those bandwidths. Energy channels, or bands within those dimensions forms densities. Water is a different density to oil, the two don’t mix naturally, is an example of two different densities, which form a natural boundary in-between. So within water and within oil, there are different properties and physics in each band and so each is a type of energy band and therefore a density creating a type of realm or dimension with different properties in action within each band.

So, these various bands, each having their dimension or realm has its own density of vibrational frequencies.
So within a set of bands you can perceive different dimensions of reality.
A diver’s reality of being in a different density of the medium of water, will be within the underwater realm and have a different weight to say walking on the surface. A pilot will be in a different other realm or dimension to the diver and also from a person walking on the ground, all having different experiences, being different weights in their different dimensions or realms. Their reality as they perceive it based on their experiences within that realm or dimensional density.

So, densities form into bands like rainbows do with their various colour wavelengths, as an example.

Within these densities are the various physics rules for certain things that can only occupy that density, to behave and interact within those parameters. That includes the range of perception from the point of perspective of the individual within that density.

Here is an example of different densities, and the various things within them that are constrained within these specific densities as dimensions. The same can be said for how energies form into sacred geometry through the frequencies of vibration.