The Akashic Records

The Akashic Record Is a database of recordings for every thought, action, deed, word, decision and choice you make, you have made and that you will ever make. It is a recording of all of the scenarios of your life. Nothing is lost, every action etc is stored in your Soul. It’s the sum of all the past life incarnations and as you are an eternal being, your Akashic records are still being written by you.

Every living Soul has their own unique Akashic Record, and no two Akashic records are ever the same, each is individual and eternal.

There are people who have been in the Guinness book of records for having a perfect memory, they can remember everything that’s happened in their lives that they are aware of.  These are examples of people who have the extraordinary ability not to forget and are an example, although rare, of how people with special gifts, can remember all the things they have experienced and learned, proving that noting is lost and in the right frequencies, can do the same.

From all your previous lives until this one, there is a data set all about you, which is kept safe by your higher self and Source. This data set obvious grows and grows as you live your life. There is an Akashic Record for each living soul. So even animals have one too. The reason that there is such a thing as the Akashic Records is because at the end of each of our lives, we get to have a Life Review”, which is a kind of playback with analysis at the end of each life as Source and before we choose to incarnate again within a new shell, vessel, or body. The life review is a way for you to understand from other people’s perspectives how you made them feel, also a look to see what you want to improve upon etc. or what you would like to learn about in your next incarnation. It is not a judgemental analysis but more of a loving one, as there is no wrong or right in these higher realms where ones Akashic Records are reviewed by you and as your higher self. So, no judgement is placed upon you and actually it’s a form of support for you to understand yourself better.

The Akashic record can also be accessed and also activated by its owner during their lifetime. For example, people may wish to have a past life regression in order to find a family root issue or a personal tragedy that’s influencing them in this current life. Although I recommend that it’s not always good to do that as you also see your past deaths and that memory could also be brought through into this life and then depress you all over again. It’s also there to access so that you can change or update your Soul Contract that you made with Source too. If you want to release old stuff that’s traumatic or that you are carrying around currently for example. Or if you want a better set of life opportunities etc.

You can also ask a spiritual person who reads peoples Akashic Record to assist you too if you wish, although they must obtain permission from your Higher Self first, so that no access is provided unless you allow it. This way you are in control of who has access, and your soul will not allow anything to access its Akashic Record that is not for its highest best purpose. This is a safety mechanism that you, your higher self and Source have put into place so that no lower astral entities can mess with your records. So always state to the Akashic Record practitioner that “I will not give permission to access my higher self, until I am relaxed and happy to proceed.” Or have this in mind at least perhaps without needing to say it, and then hopefully the practitioner will naturally ask for your or your higher self’s permission first.

So that is a broad overview of what the Akashic Records are.

You are a point of light, along the end of a bright line, which stretches out into your past and ahead into your future. Along this path is all that you do, say, think, experience and all that you are. It is a constantly evolving story full of amazing plot twists, and you are its author, right here in this now moment, writing the path ahead of you and as the result of the path you created behind you. Except there is no “ahead” or “behind” you. All of it is contained within you, in your here and now.

Remember that your Akashic Record is a fluid thing that is constantly changing, it is not a random set of circumstances but more designed like a predetermined set of circumstances that can only unfold from your set of choices.

Soul Contract

You have a Soul Contract that created this life you are now incarnated into. It doesn’t factor in whether you have a good or a bad life, because that is the result of your choices and reactions within your lifetime and your unique experiences of your unique life.

Yet this is a seemingly random life of yours that is presented in front of you, which may be the perception you have, yet it really is not, and all of these scenarios have been placed there for you at the time you needed to experience them and unknowingly learn more about yourself in the process. Think of the Soul Contract, as a key with specific codes. These codes have access to the whole of Source, but you are as Source too, so each time you use your unique key, you open up that uniquely coded part of you that is Source. Starting out each life as a sum of all the previous lives, and sum of all your ancestors, and a yet also a blank canvas with latent potential ahead to express, develop, grow and expand out of its limitations and become a more expanded aware being in the process that finds its way back to knowing itself again, from a being that is completely pure, to then returning to a pure completion of a being as pure latent potential again.

Your Akashic record is you as Source recording itself/ yourself from your perspective of your ideas about yourself as an individual consciousness.

It can always be updated as it is always already being constantly updated. Nothing is wrong or right in the Akashic records, it’s all a learning and understanding pathway for everyone.