The saying goes; “There’s always 2 sides to a story.”

If you are hearing it, it’s probably from just one party, and not from both. If you choose to believe that one side’s version, or a side of the story without hearing or trying to understand the other side, then you are in a bias. You are no longer aware that you have closed down your objectivity to compare both sides and from that point onwards, be able to discern which side is telling the truth from which side is telling a fiction. You are now in a trap.

If, however, you think it is important to hear both sides out, then you have to be aware of which are the actual real 2 sides to the story. Otherwise you fall into another trap again, as described below. You can only find truths by comparing both sides. But only from both of the real genuine sides not the fake ones. Looking at the real Side A and the real Side B.

As we know, in any story, there are two sides, two versions of what happened, each version from each side and their own interpretation of events or what was said and done.

The trouble with this saying, is that it is incorrect. Because there are actually always 3 sides to a story and not just 2. The third side is the receiver of information, hearing about the 2 sides. Which is You! You are the third side, Side C, the audience.

Most people have fallen into a psychological trap with this type of scenario, because they do not know that they are the third aspect (Side C) to the dynamic.

So here is an example of the time old 2 sides to the story trap.


Side A & Side B

So you think that there are two sides to any story, which is correct, sort of, because a story is about an interaction or interactions, so depending on whether you are in the company of A or in the company of B, you will hear each side has different versions of events, each talking about it from their own subjective perspectives.

The trouble with this concept is that often Side A claims to speak for Side B too, as impartial and independent. Or Side B does the same.

So that’s where the trap starts, because people who believed the side claiming to be both are now fooled into believing A’s side of events about B, especially if Side A gets to have people speak as if they were Side B, it will convince people that A is impartial and the person has listened to a fake Side B controlled by Side A, pretending to be both sides.

This leaves the real genuine Side B having to counter Side A’s false narratives about their Side B, and also makes it harder for Side B to tell the people convinced about Side A being also Sides A & B, that Side A has fooled them and is lying.

The people who believed just one side pretending to be both, are now under the manipulation of Side A, and so can be manipulated into believing Side A is the authority and Side B are the aggressors or problem. This is what’s been happening as a perfect example with Mainstream Media.

What these people have not been aware of, is that Side A, needed to convince Side C (population) that Side B was bad, so that people would put their trust in Side A, who were never the aggressors or problem. It’s called the ‘Hegelian Dialectic’, Side A attacks itself and makes it look like Side B that attacked A, then when Side C finds out what happened, the first version they hear of the story is from Side A, saying it was Side B. People who then believed Side A was telling the truth, with their planted evidence or comrades dressed in Side B clothes to attack them, will only believe the story from Side A, because they had proof and nobody would believe that Side A would attack itself.

It’s not until one steps back from being in it, that one can see a bigger picture to gain the trust of the population (Side C) that the real reasons why Side A would attack itself be understood in its context of wanting to win the propaganda war. Because once Side A has the population believing it to be the authority and power, Side C then supports and defends Side A from Side B automatically under false knowledge manipulated by Side A, just for that very reason. As once you have Side A being protected and upheld by Side C, then you have your own private hypnotised army at your bidding. You can then paint Side B in any light or darkness you wish, and even get fake Side B actors to make the real Side B look like the enemy that Side C has to protect against or even kill.

That’s how bad Side A is with its methods to gain the power, by convincing Side C that they are the ones protecting Side C.

Obviously one can swap over the example, so it could have been Side B doing this to itself to gain Side C’s trust.

But invariably it has been both Side A, and Side B, that have been playing this tactic to gain the populations trust. Only usually it’s the honest ones that loose because they are not prepared to go to such lengths to deceive or kill people to get power. So that history has always shown that the most underhand and deceitful, have unfortunately gained control and power, by such tactics to convince the audience or population.

And the population has given the aggressors the keys to power, and in doing so, Side C has made themselves slaves to Side A in the process.

This has been going on for centuries and centuries, so much so, that generations have lived and died supporting Side A, unknowingly enslaving themselves to their masters, and killing their potential Side B liberators.

The generational deceit and indoctrination of a global population, by a small secret criminal set has manipulated the actual fabric of reality for those living under these programs.

Even deliberately creating mental health issues in society, to then manipulate those affected with mental health and weaponize them against the population who can see the false doctrines and ideologies and dogmas.

Just because side A acts like it’s being attacked by Side B, it doesn’t mean that this is actually true. It is up to you to discern which side is honest from dishonest.

Just remember to be aware of “why” someone is telling or explaining any information to you, what the information quality is, – is it true, constructive or kind? Or is it bitching, cynical and just not true. Remember your reaction to said information, changes the outcome of that situation. You can either trust it or reject it, or keep that information in a neutral space of yet to be decided.

Discernment is the key here, not blind beliefs, or trusting in false authority telling you it’s side A and Side B. It’s up to you to do your due diligence to find out. Otherwise you may be siding with the bullies because they convinced you that they are innocent, that’s because they lie. Then you will become just another oppressor of the innocent and thus become the bully and deceived deceiver perpetuating the division of populations under the false notion that you are justified and correct.