When a fish is swimming along in the ocean, it does not know water, as it is just a medium, or an element that is not part of the fish’s conscious awareness, as a “thing”, and let alone as a thing called “water”.

Just like us humans are not really thinking about breathing the air. Occasionally we do because we have conceptualised it, as a “thing”, but we are not consciously and constantly aware of breathing it either, like the fish is with water. The atmosphere, in itself, is a higher frequency type of water, and outer space, of itself, is an even higher frequency of water.

We look at the space between us and another person, or another object, as empty space, yet it’s anything but. It’s full of energy dynamics in constant transition, it’s full of scalar wave frequencies. So it is anything but empty at all.


Even in a vacuum there is still energy, vibration and frequencies of all sorts. Also there are the energetic links between you and the ground you are connected to, or between you and other things visually linked. Plus the medium you are within, which is also influencing you too. All these things are not made of nothing.

It’s a 2 way process of energy exchange. A correspondence.

There is not ever nothing, nothing doesn’t exist except as a concept, because everything is something, there is never not a “something”.

So the concepts of “nothing” existing is kind of an an oxymoron, or an impossibility, because for existence, there has to be a “something”. And it’s just our versions of “nothing” are just that, our definitions of perhaps absence of something and not that they don’t exist, and it is contextual to individuals perceptions of nothing being a view of something they have in their mind that they are not able to see at that time, as all reality is subjective.

So this fish comes across a small wooden boat. All it can see is the hull part that is immersed in the water. Other than that, because it’s never broken the surface, it does not know that there is a boat. So it can only see what’s under the water and some wobbly, shiny, brighter, clearer water around the hull as the fish looks up at it from below.

We humans are similar in some respects to this fish looking up at the hull of a boat and thinking that’s the whole boat. We see ourselves as material and physical things, actual separate beings. We look at other people and at our own bodies from our own perspective. We look and see the physical and call this physical material stuff, “matter”, which makes up our reality. But this “matter” is just like the visible part of the boat’s hull (our physical bodies) which the fish sees (we see) as the only part of reality. We see it as the whole picture, but it’s not the whole picture. It’s only the visible part.

To understand the whole picture, we would understand that beyond the underwater part of the hull, or our physical bodies, there are other forces at work generating that visual matter body of yours.

Just as the fish – or we humans – only see the part of the boat, we see only the material world, poking out, broadcasting out light visibly from the non-physical, Spiritual world.

Which to fish, would be knowing that there was more “boat” above the veil or water surface.

So too it is the same for us humans, we are only seeing the boat’s hull, our physical world and thinking, that’s all there is, only the material visible World, and that’s it in total.

We completely ignore the very spiritual aspect, the non visible energies, of vibrational frequencies that are constantly creating our visible “physical” material body.

We are swimming around in a sea we think is all there is as our (physical world), but above that is all the other stuff, like sky, space, land, people, birds etc, the non physical realm that you cannot see. That’s where your own consciousness and thoughts reside, in the spiritual realm before you act on them, and bring your thoughts into the “physical” or visible material World, with your actions, words and deeds.

You are that organic portal, that conduit, that energy bridge between worlds, the non physical and physical worlds, where you transfer invisible energy into the physical, three dimensional world, and create that reality around and from you.

Like a projector, the visible external is only a reflection of what’s inside you. What you bring through that portal from the invisible realm. What you project into being from the consciousness filters you place between worlds, or the non physical visible energy state of you, and through into the physical visible energy state of you.

So if you can’t change a situation, you can change the “you” in that situation, and the way you think about or look at a situation, and that then will change the situation itself, which is the desired intention initially. So most people, like the fish, never venture above the water, (into the spiritual world) through false fears, and so are disconnected between their own self worlds, or twin states, and therefore unintentionally unaware they are creating their own realities based off others false information.

There is a vast ocean of untapped latent energy in each of us, such as unexplored talents, special gifts, epiphanies, and dormant skills, self realisations, and knowing more about one’s self behind the physical visible aspect.

It is the very ‘spiritual’ aspect itself, the base core energy dynamic, that creates their very physical self into being.

So this vast untapped, eternal and infinite Source of divine energy is there to tune into, all you have to do is to look “above the water” metaphorically speaking, or look beyond just the physical world, or go within yourself and find loads more of you that you never even knew existed.

You are not just the submerged boat hull section in the water, (visible part), you are way more. The non physical side of you is the WHOLE universe, past, present and future. Just waiting for you, inside you.

Much love
Matt Bell💖🙏🌟