You may think you are a separate being on this planet amongst all the other different beings, but this is not truth.

Imagine you are a leaf instead of a person. As a leaf you see that that there are also other leaves around you wherever you look, each leaf follows a similar design but each has slightly different imperfections that make it a unique leaf. You are aware of this by your own observation, now consider that in fact all the leaves (beings) are belonging to the same tree.

Well… the truth is that you are the tree, but not just the single leaf on the tree, you are just seeing yourself as the single leaf expression and not seeing yourself as the tree, which you truly are.

Now with that concept in mind, you are more than just the tree, you are the soil supporting all the trees, the earth supporting all the soil, the sun supporting all the Earth, and the galaxy supporting all the suns, in fact all the galaxies supporting all the suns and all planets and all stars, all the universe supporting all the galaxies, and the whole universe supporting all galaxies, all nebula’s and all that there is. You are much bigger than just the leaf (separate single being), you are the universe within, that you see outside as the leaf, or tree or planet or star. You are all that there is.

So now you KNOW, you can choose what you want to see yourself as, either the leaf as a single unique leaf amongst countless other unique leaves on the tree, or the tree, or all the trees, or all the planets life forms, or all the planets or all the entire universe itself. It all comes from within you, as that is where all the consciousness and perceived expression of the universe sits, right there in your heart.❤️

Much love and light to you all,
Matt Bell