Each of us is that little drop of water, an ocean in a drop, that fills the glass, just one single drop at a time, which can make the glass of water overflow and bring about great changes.

So like a tree that branches out to the sky, in the Universe there are energy filaments that root and branch out throughout the universe from the Great Central Sun. These branches, threads, filaments, energy pathways have fruits on their ends, called nebulae or clusters, the flowers in these clusters are the multicoloured galaxies, and these galaxies have a pollen, which are the suns and planets within them.

The suns and planets are the pollen of the universe, creating genetic material that is then visited by the bees (sentient lifeforms) that buzz around visiting pollinator galaxies and cross pollinating and cultivating the genetic materials which enables more “galaxies” to flower and create more pollen, and therefore more life.

Thus life is seeded by the same natural processes throughout each universe as bees pollinate flowers. So with this knowledge if you are bringing about the new changes within you for a positive future, and for all of humanity, this can only benefit others, the planet, our Galaxy, the whole universe and of course it will also benefit you.

Much love💖🙏🌟